Rhys Gregory of Oryland

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Oryland Flag.png

Kingdom Of Oryland

Founder:Rhys Gregory

Known as the Kingdom of Oryland because in the Gregory line it's Greg"Ory" and that's what is used to create the Kingdom/Micronation. The Micronation of Oryland was founded on 04/09/2014 by King Rhys Gregory of Oryland.


The Kingdom of Oryland starts in a House also know today to still be there for the time being, but the Line of the Gregory's Started far back, before King Rhys Gregory was born, but they were not used seen as he didn't know them so he did not know about them much. The House is used as the main Kingdom of Oryland. The Location was in a village called Barrow Hill.

The Royal Gregory Line

King Rhys Gregory

Birth Date: 05/06/2001

Age: 13