Grand Unified Micronational election, June 2014

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GUM Chair election, June 2014

← March 2014 5–12 June 2014 September 2014 →
Candidate Brooklyn Hewitt Richard Hytholoday
Party National Party of Ashukovo Independent
Home state Ashukovo Clyro
States carried 9 6
Percentage 60.0% 40.0%

Chair before election

Bradley of Dullahan

Elected Chair

Brooklyn Hewitt

Elections for the Chair, Supreme Judge and Secretariat of the Grand Unified Micronational were held on 5–12 June 2014. They were the GUM's nineteenth round of elections.

Chair election

Hewitt Hytholoday
9 6

Supreme Judge election

Taeglan I Cassidy
9 3

Secretariat elections

Secretary for Security and Community Affairs


Secretary for Media Affairs and Public Relations

Ó Cathail

Secretary for Cultural Affairs and Micronational Education


Secretary for Scientific Cooperation and Research

Friedrich Adammia Adam I
12 3