Empyre of Slin

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Second Empyre of Slin
Motto: A friendly nation
Anthem: Traumerei

Approximate map of the claims of Slin
Largest cityRedwood City
Official languagesSlin-Englysh
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Kyng
Kyng Fourth
Establishment7 July 2012
First Empyre - 31 December 2008
• Census
15 citizens, 3 residents

The Second Empyre of Slin is a micronation intended as the successor state to the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy. It was officially formed on 7 July 2012.


Early history

Slin was originally founded as the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy, better known as the Slinky Empire in 2008. It lasted until early 2011, when it was disestablished. A group of Slinky territories meanwhile unified into the Slinky Republic. The Republic didn't last long, and was disestablished only a month later. Over a year later Slin would return.


forest in Hayland

In 2012, after discussion from potential citizens who wished to revive the inactive Slin, a constitution was proposed for a new government. From 1 July to 7 July, this constitution was made available for signing. After the deadline for signing was passed, the eight signatories became the first citizens of the new Empyre of Slin.

Harmony Games bid logo in Salasolo.

Elections for Kyng/Queen began when the constitution had been made official. Solomon Fyrst was leading in the votes on 9 July 2012, thus becoming Slin's Kyng.

Elections for the Assembly of Deputies were held. A random appointment of Justyces took place on 1 September 2012, in Salasolo. The Empyre appointed the first two chosen candidates, Harry Fitzpatrick and Pete Leventis.

In 2012, Slin placed a bid to host the 2013 Harmony Games, and eventually was awarded the position of host nation. Slin is considering including Mangdublah cultural elements in a theme for the Games, due to their generous act of granting the games to Slin even though Mangdublah would likely have won the position.


On 30 November 2012, Austin Rowe and Daniel Soares were randomly chosen as the first candidates for the Justyce positions in the Trybunal. However, by January 2013, no Justyce candidates was considered to have met all the requirements of Justyces as written in the Slinnysh constitution. Due to this, the powers of the Trybunal and the Assembly were given to the Monarchy at the beginning of 2013. Upon a new appointment of Justyces and sufficient votes for Deputies, those branches of government may be revived.

There was a proposal to establish a "Unyversyty of Slin-Englysh" which may teach students to correctly use the Empyre's national writing system.

On 18 June 2013, Karl Friedrich, one of the founders of the revived Slin, was elected the second Kyng of the Second Empyre after a long election tie was broken. Within the first week, he ordered a motion to appoint new Justyces before November and annexed two new claims on 25 June - Lurk and Necca. On 2 July, he proclaimed the Busyness law to be official, allowing the government and citizens to create busynesses easier than with a law. On the same day, Hayland became the first department, followed by Lurk the next day and Necca the day after Lurk.



  1. Solomon Fyrst (7 July 2012 – 18 June 2013)
  2. Karl Friedrich (18 June 2013 – 31 December 2013)
  3. André Volfym (31 December 2013 – 22 August 2014)
  4. Emiel Sebastiaan Hardy (22 August 2014 – present)

Deputies of the Assembly

  • Migs Caldeo (26 September 2012 – 31 December 2012)
  • Karl Friedrich (26 September 2012 – 31 December 2012)
  • Hayden Johnson (24 August 2013 – 31 December 2013)
  • André Volfym (24 August 2013 – 31 December 2013)


  • Harry Fitzpatrick (26 September 2012 – 31 December 2012)
  • Pete Leventis (26 September 2012 – 31 December 2012)
  • Solomon Fyrst (24 August 2013 – 31 December 2013)
  • Pete Leventis (24 August 2013 – 31 December 2013)


Flag of Lurk in the Lurk Hills area.

Slin, as a nation of many diverse cultures, allows and promotes own cultures in each department. However, a Slin-wide culture exists as well.


Main cultural element of Slin is Slin-Englysh, a dialect of English with several rules regarding the letters "i" and "y".

Pyramyd Poetry

Slin has it's own poetry genre, so called Pyramyd Poetry, where words and sentences are arranged to look like a triangle. Currently, over five poems were written, and most of them looked as any type of triangle (one like a real pyramyd) with an exception of one oval and all maintained the proper shape, did not start with a capital letter and didn't end with a dot. It has been proposed by Karl Friedrich to create a small book of Pyramyd Poetry. Solomon Fyrst has proposed a contest of Pyramyd Poetry.

Slinnysh Unit System

On 16 July 2013, Kyng Second with great assistance from Volfym Sammut has announced the adoption of a new unit system, so called Slinnysh Unit System (departments can adopt it or not) to be used alongside with Metric units. Currently, lenght and area units are based on bananas - one Long Yellow Thyng was measured to be 22 cm (the International Standard Long Yellow Thyng and Long Yellow Thyng together-holder is held in Volfa) and as a lesser unit was chosen Long Yellow Thyng together-holder, which was measured to be 4 cm. As a unit of weight, Slinnysh grain has been adopted, which corresponds to 64.79 milligrams and the weight of Lurkish Platinum and Gold sample. For more practical use, Slinnysh kilograin was made official afterwards, which corresponds to 67.79 grams.


The former Air Force of the First Empyre, in Amono Department.

Territory of Slin consists of claims and departments. An area of land first enters the Empyre by becoming a claim, made official by the Kyng or Queen. To become a department, a person must apply to the Assembly or the Trybunal (or the Monarchy if there is no Assembly or Trybunal) to become its governor: the Vyceroy/Vycereine. If the application is approved, the claim becomes a department and the applicant becomes its first Vyceroy or Vycereine


Department is a territory of the Empyre with more privileges than a claim. Vyceroy represents the Monarchy in the department and has the same powers. Electorate of the Department has the power to elect the Vyceroy, overrule his decision and institute local laws.

Flag Name Vyceroy/Vycereine Abbreviation Annexation date Departmentship date Unclaimed Land area
Hayland Department Hayden Johnson HA 13 April 2013 2 July 2013 14 October 2013 ~4096 m2
Lurk Department Karl Friedrich LU 25 June 2013 3 July 2013 N/A ~5 km2
Necca Department Volfym Sammut NC 25 June 2013 4 July 2013 N/A ~2.4 m2


map of Daniel-Land and Danland
  • Lurkarlo Claim (Czech Republic), claimed 18 July 2012, became part of Lurk claim on 25 June 2013
  • New Hayland Claim (United States), claimed 31 July 2012
  • Maple Claim (Netherlands), claimed 9 August 2012. Originally named Husetan Slin.
  • Salasolo Claim (United States), claimed 31 August 2012
  • Hayland Claim (United States), claimed 13 April 2013
  • Lurk Claim (Czech Republic), claimed 25 June 2013
  • Necca (Republic of Malta), claimed 25–26 June 2013
  • Y2k38 (United States), claimed 16 July 2013
  • Paca Lando (United States), claimed 14 October 2013

Claims that have unofficially left

  • East Danland (Spain), claimed 23 July 2012. Left Slin on 2 September 2012, when it merged with West Danland. Now part of Daniel-Land.


The government is divided into four main bodies: the Monarchy, the Electorate, the Assembly, and the Trybunal.


The Kyng or Queen is the main authority of the Slin Empyre. Along with acting as the nation's head of state and head of government, the Kyng/Queen also has the power to enact and repeal laws.


The Electorate is made of all citizens of Slin, and makes its decisions through voting. It appoints the Kyng/Queen, the Vyceroys/Vycereines, and the Deputies, through approval voting. The Electorate has the power to enact and repeal laws with a simple majority vote.


The Assembly is made of elected officials called Deputies. With a majority vote, the Assembly has the power to repeal laws made by the Kyng or Queen. It can also appoint Vyceroys/Vycereines and make land claims into official departments.


The Trybunal (Tribunal) is made of randomly-appointed officials called Justyces (Justices). It acts as the judicial branch of government. It has the power to convict citizens of crimes and punish them, with certain restrictions.

Foreign relations

approximate map of the claims of Slin (black-marked dots are ambiguous)

Slin generally carries out foreign relations in the form of informal friendships with other nations. The Kyng is in charge of foreign relations, and ambassadors can be appointed to assist with diplomatic activites. Currently, Karl Friedrich and Pete Leventis are Ambassadors of Slin.

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