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This article is about the region of the Empyre of Slin. You may be looking for the older Hayland Department of the defunct Slinky Empyre

Flag of Hayland

Hayland was a claim of the Empyre of Slin. The area was entered into the Empyre by Hayden Johnson. Johnson was previously the Vyceroy of the Hayland Department in the Slinky Empyre. Hayland was welcomed into the Empyre by leader Solomon Fyrst on April 13, 2013. He said the claim was "impress[i]ve and creat[i]ve."[1] On 2 July 2013, Kyng Second, on request of Hayden Johnson, made the claim a department, making it the first department of Slin. On 14 October, following the Hayland Act, the claim and department was removed from the Empyre of Slin due to the Haylandyc War, which caused Vyceroy Hayden lost control of the territory. On the same day, a new claim by Hayden was established in California, called Paca Lando.


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