Solomon Fyrst

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Solomon Fyrst
Emblem of the Slinky Empyre
1st Kyng of the Slinky Empyre
In office
31 December 2009 - 17 January 2011
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Parker of Secundomia
As Prime Minister of the Slinky Republyc
1st Kyng of Slin
In office
9 July 2012 - 18 June 2013
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Karl Friedrich
Personal information
Born Unknown
Citizenship Slin
Nationality US American
Residence Saint Rychard, Slin
Religion Berean Christian

Kyng Solomon Fyrst was the only Kyng of the Slinky Empyre. He appointed himself after founding the nation on 31 December 2009, through the signing of the "Slinky Document". The only head of the Judicial during his reign, Kyng Fyrst was also Viceroy of three Slinky Departments, head of the Slinky Parliament, director of 5 different Ministries and leader of the Fyrst Parliamentary Party, which made him de facto the absolute ruler of his micronation, despite collaboration from foreign micronationalists in the project. Nevertheless, he was credited with building the Empyre into an active and multicultural micronation with strong ties to many other nations. Although he was never involved in large events of the MicroWiki Community, he became known as the "friendly" micronationalist.

However, late in 2010, and particularly after his takeover of the MicroWikia Wiki, Kyng Fyrst became an increasingly controversial figure. His critics have accused him of taking power of the Wikia wiki undemocratically and without the consent of the active members. This resulted in a large drop of activity within the "old" Wiki (which was supposed to become an archive) and a decline of his domestic and foreign popularity. Following the scandal, he was subsequently criticized for the documents that established Llabdey department, which conceded the land to him and made him the actual owner of the territorial claim, without the possibility to revoke them.[1][2]

Fyrst was finally ousted after 3 days of nationwide protests during which four Departments seceded and formed the Slinky Republyc. On 16 February, Parker I of Secundomia, Viceroy of Tergumterra, announced the creation of the Republic as a separate state. The Empyre was dissolved the day after by Fyrst himself, who consequently disestablished his throne. Authority over imperial affairs was transferred to the Slinky Parliament. In the days that followed, Fyrst left the MicroWiki Community. Any prosecutions were ordered by the new Government, who later dissolved the Republic on 26 February 2011, due to inactivity.

In early 2012 Solomon Fyrst returned to micronationalism and on 7 July he re-established Slin. He was voted into Kyngship on 9 July, and his reign ended on 18 June 2013.


Kyng Fyrst was the Vyceroy of three Slinky departments (Amono, Herway, Saint Rychard) and the Head of the Fyrst Parliamentary Party. Other temporary positions included Slinky Parliament Director, and President of all businesses in the nation.

Outside the Empyre, he served as Mayor of Takutea City, an enclave of BlueSkies, Chancellor of the Courts of the High Union of Nations, and a Chairman of the United World Micronations.


In chronological order, Kyng Fyrst is currently a citizen of the United States of America, the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy, the Empire of Progle, the Republic of Nemkhavia, BlueSkies and Noble Republic of Lurk. He is also an honorary citizen of the Republic of Lostisland.

Royal succession

No specific law on royal succession, incase the Kyng can no longer serve, has been formed, but the following a is a list currently preferred by Kyng Fyrst:

  1. Kuri I
  2. Parker I
  3. Hayden Johnson


Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Sandus Order of the People, First Class.

Sir Kyng Fyrst is a Knight of Suiland.

Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Sandus Order of the Buddha, Second Class.

Sir Kyng Fyrst, KOM, is a Knight of Molossers in the Order of the Bullmastiff in Austenasia.

Kyng Fyrst was a Baron of Longbarrel in Eleytheria before its disestablishment.

His Grace Kingsley I., Duke of Glacebrook, was also a Steward of the Order of the Holy Trinity and a Knight of the Order of the Crown.

Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Friendliest Individual Award in Garagstan.

Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Corkey Cross.

Kyng Fyrst is a recipient of the Order of the Holy Salanian Empire.

Kyng Fyrst is a Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Lostisland.


  1. "Article 1: This territory belongs to the Kyng or Queen of the Current Slinky Empyre.", Oak Contract, 3 September 2009
  2. There is no article within the Oak Contract that discussed a possible revocation of the territory from the Empyre.