Commius Flats

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Commius Flats in April 2015.
The flag of Tincomarus Department.

Commius Flats is a small uninhabited area of Wrythe in the Empire of Austenasia. It was named after King Commius, the first known ruler of the land which is now known as Wrythe. The area is next to 2 Imperial Road on one side and is bordered by the United Kingdom on all other sides.

As part of the property declared independent from the United Kingdom in September 2008, Commius Flats had technically been claimed by the Empire since its founding, but Austenasian authority was only asserted over the land on 28 August 2009 when a military force occupied the land and an Act of Parliament officially annexed it to the Empire.

On 27 January 2010, half of Commius Flats was ceded to the Slinky Empyre to become its fifth Department, and HIH Empress Margaret was appointed Vicereine. This region was named Tincomarus (Slin-Englysh: Tyncomarus) Department, in honour of Commius' son. By early 2011, the Slinky Empyre had fallen, leaving Tincomarus Department effectively terra nullius.

The formation of the Slinky Republyc raised the question of whether or not Tincomarus Department was under their nominal jurisdiction, but the self-declared successor state never expressly claimed the land, nor was it ever officially recognised by Austenasia as the Empyre's successor. Eight days after the Republyc itself dissolved, on 6 March 2011, Austenasia occupied Tincomarus Department, and re-annexed the land to the Empire the day afterwards.

Commius Flats was measured by the Imperial Geographical Society on 16 May 2014 and found to be 142 square feet.

Tincomarus Department under the Slinky Empyre