High Union of Nations

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High Union of Nations
Flag of High Union of Nations
Official languagesEnglish
• Secretary-General
Ian Forrest
• Chancellor of the Assembly
Daniel Hill
• Chancellor of the Courts
Establishment13 March 2009

The High Union of Nations, originally named the League of Merseyside Micronations, was a micronational organization that was active between 13 March 2009 and 21 June 2009. The Union was established to help keep peace and work as a platform for intermicronational diplomacy.

Union Government

The HUN is made up of two higher councils, the General Assembly and the Supreme Courts which manage lower sectors of the Union. The head of the HUN is the Secretary-General, to keep order and practice executive leadership within the Union. The higher government councils are:

  • The General Assembly of the High Union of Nations was established to promote diplomacy and for micronations to work together and cooperate with eachother. The elected leader of the General Assembly is the Chancellor of Assembly, who is elected on a six month basis by the other members of the Union.
  • The Supreme Courts of the High Union of Micronations was established to maintain peace within the community and to control the Union's judgical system. The leader of the Supreme Courts is the Chancellor of the Courts, who also hold other important positions within the minor organs of the institution.


  • Secretary-General: Ian Forrest
  • Chancellor of the Assembly: Daniel Hill
  • Chancellor of the Courts: Kyng Fyrst
  • Grand Judge of the Supreme Courts Justice Sector: Jake McKenna

Member States

Althacia Template:Country data Camuria land flag.png Camuria Template:Country data Noflag.png Lunt Village Template:Country data Flag of Patetopia.png Patetopia Template:Country data Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Empyre

Nations Invited

Please contact the email address at the bottom of this page to apply for membership to the Union.

Previous Members