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International Organisation of La MicroFrancophonie
Organisation de la MicroFrancophonie (OMF) (French)

Flag MicroFrancophonie.png

Headquarters Aigues-Mortes

Official language French

Membership 17 members,
2 observers

Secretary General Geoffrey Mathes, since 18 January 2021
High Commissioner for MicroFrancophonie H.S.H. Prince Jean Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes

Foundation May 30, 2015
Websites www.microfrancophonie.org
Facebook official group

The MicroFrancophonie, officially the International Organisation of La MicroFrancophonie (OMF), is a micronational organisation founded on 30 May 2015 with the intent of cooperation and mutual assistance between francophone micronationalists.


The OMF was first founded by the Autonomous Province of Valinois—Saint-Castin and the Principality of Aigues-Mortes. Hélianthis, Angyalistan, Padrhom and Sandus soon joined the movement and co-founded the OMF. The first charter was signed 30 August 2015. The Charter was revised on 27 May 2016. Princess H.S.H Olivia-Eugénie of Aigues-Mortes severd as the first Secretary General from 2015 to 2017. She was succeeded by Emperor H.I.M. Olivier of Angyalistan in 2017, who was re-elected in 2019.


The OMF has several Deputy Secretaries who work for the Secretary General:

  • Deputy Secretary for Diplomacy: Prince H.S.H. Vincent of Hélianthis
  • Deputy Secretary for Culture and for Development of La MicroFrancophonie: Prince H.S.H. Remi I of Ferthroy
  • Deputy Secretary for Environment and sustainable development: General Representative H.E. Michel Vichat of Anacratic Republic of Padrhom
  • Deputy Secretary for Human rights: Prince H.S.H. Clément of Principality of Surland
  • Deputy Secretary for the Design of Communication Means: President-Minister H.E. Dominic Desaintes of Saint-Castin

The High Commissioner for La MicroFrancophonie is Prince H.S.H. Jean Pierre IV of Aigues-Mortes.


The OMF currently has 22 full members and one observer.


  • Formori Community

Former members


Micronational representatives who took part in the 2016 La MicroFrancophonie summit in Aigues-Mortes.

The first summit of the MicroFrancophonie was held in the Principality of Aigues-Mortes on 23–24 September 2016[1]

The second summit was held in Vincennes, France, near the foreign embassy of the Empire of Angyalistan on 21–22 July 2018:[2]

A third summit is planned to take place in the Principality of Helianthis, which was planned to take place in 2020 but was postponed to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.