Organization of United Micronations (2009)

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For the numerous other organisations of the same name, see United Micronations (disambiguation).

United Micronations
Spanish: Organización de las Micronaciones Unidas


Acronym OMU
Headquarters Official Forum
Official Languages Spanish, English (Spanish being the mostly used)
Membership 18 member states
Establishment (Unofficial) 15 Jan 2009
(Official) 1 Mar 2009
Website Official Site
General Secretary Guillermo Hansbreck of Miurer
Deputy-General Secretary Katherine Souza of El Dorado
President of the Security Council Rino Island (Since October, 2021)
Supreme Tribune of territorial claims Not Defined

One of the many intermicronational organisations to take the name Organization of United Micronations (Spanish: Organización de Micronaciones Unidas), often abbreviated to OMU, was founded on 1 March 2009. It has two official languages: English and Spanish, the latter being more used by the quorum of delegates. The headquarters are located on the OMU Official forum, which is also the main meeting point of the delegates.

In practice it corresponds to the Hispanic sector of micronationalism, being the most important and oldest micronational organization in Latin America.




The Secretary-General is the most high position in the OMU.


Headquarters of the United Micronations

The digital headquarters was chosen after a contest; the micronations of Asgaria, Virtual Kingdom, Destroy and Gnostopia presented projects. After a two round voting, the design presented by Gnostopia was chosen. The headquarters is a building complex composed of four buildings with different functions:

Block A

It is the building of the General Secretary, it is divided in ten areas (one for a committee) around a circular internal garden. The building is an ornamented flat roof.

Block B

It is the security and control center of the building complex. The ground floor houses the access control, while the services departments (e.g. electricity, water, etc.) are in the upper floors

Block C

The block C is composed of two towers. The towers are made up of offices from the different member micronations and organisations. The towers are communicated via overpasses. A helipad is in each roof.

Block D

In the ground floor there is an auditorium. The General Assembly meets in the upper floor. Offices for the Security Council and the Intermicronational Court of Justice are also located here.

Member states

Full OMU members


  • Imperio de Àkramah
  • República de Nueva Esparta
  • Unión Patagónica

Former Members

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