Union of Micronations of Central Europe

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Union of Micronations of Central Europe
Intermicronational organisation
UMCE logo.png

Map of UMCE member states in the Czech Republic

Official language Czech

Membership 10 full members, 2 observers

Secretary Tomáš Falešník

– Foundation 23 March 2014
– Revival 1 November 2017

The Union of Micronations of Central Europe, the official abbreviation UMCE (Czech: Unie mikronárodů střední Evropy, UMSE) is the name of the organization of micronations located in Central Europe. The organization serves primarily to democratically resolve possible disputes between micronations, a discussion platform, an association of micronationalists in the geographical area of ​​Central Europe, and the provision of services to micronations.


The Union was formed on 23 March 2014 to ensure a lasting peace in Central Europe and disputes were resolved in a joint parliament. The founder of the Union were Lurk and Moravia. Later, the Republic of Karamalia joined, but it did deal with some points in the treaty. Mekniy joined the Union in the summer of 2014. The State of Moravia decided to withdraw from the organization when it changed its to the USSR. At the moment, a new treaty is in place, replacing the old founding treaty. The UMSE was de facto replaced by the Coronese Confederation in 2015. In the fall of Corona in 2017, UMSE was re-established. Organization of UMSE

The UMSE is headed by the Council of the Union, which has one delegate for each state.

  • CSO - Central Standardization Organization
  • MPTA - Micronational Telecommunication and Post Office
    • STEMMA - information system of micronations
  • UVO - Free Trade Union
  • UVP - Free Movement Union
  • OLP - Human Rights Organization
  • MEUC - Monetary and Economic Union Corony, or Corozone


The chief executive of the old UMSE was the State of Moravia, who acted with some micronations for entry. The new union was founded by Mekniy, Lurk, Radoslavia, Bobania, Reichenberg and Okczerpatia. At the beginning of the negotiations on the Union renewal, the Republic of Moravia was interested in joining the UMSE, but after the model of the confederation, instead of the international organization, was seized. Second Secretary election took place until 28 February 2020, with Tomáš Falešník taking the office.


To apply for membership, please email: council@umce.eu.

Member states

Nation Date Admitted Representative
Observer Full
MercianFlag.png Union of Mercia-Lurk 23 March 2014 as Lurk
11 November 2018 as Mercia (de facto)
Karl Friedrich
KMV2.png United States of Mekniy 13 August 2014 Naemal Namul-den
Radoslavianflag.png Republic of Radoslavia 7 November 2017 Albert Flinkmann
Flag of Fyrinia.png Republic of Fyrinia 29 December 2017 Lukáš Čuřík
Gymnasium flag standartized.png Gymnasium State 13 January 2018 20 January 2018 Tomáš Falešník
New flag of Klitzibürg.png Grand Duchy of Klitzibürg 10 July 2019 1 January 2020 Grand Duke Nicholas I.
Vlajkanova.png Rednecks Republic Jan Šťastný
Flag of GSMLL.jpg Republic of Upper Shwartz Morgen Lorgen Land 21 January 2018 12 March 2020 Adrian Wojtasz
Observer members
Empire of Aenopia flag.png Empire of Aenopia 1 December 2019 Logan Ross
Strakonice-Nový Jičín vlajka.png Wiston Kingdom 26 March 2020 Jacob of Pardubice
Bobanflag.jpg Duchy of Bobania 10 April 2020 Albert Flinkmann[a]

Former member states

Nation Date Admitted Date Left Reason
FlagofMoravia.png State of Moravia 23 March 2014 14 August 2014 Dissolved
Flag of Karamial.jpg Karamial Republic 23 March 2014 1 November 2017 Inactivity
Noflag.png Republic of Timbain 20 April 2014 1 November 2014 Inactivity
Avangarská Vlajka.jpg Avangar 1 June 2014 July 2015 Dissolved
Flag of the Czech Republic.png Czechoslovak Federation 30 January 2015 10 May 2015 Inactivity
Reichenbergflag.jpg Empire of Reichenberg 1 November 2017 25 December 2017 Withdrawal
Flag of the Western Bohemia.png Western Bohemian Republic 8 April 2018 25 September 2018 Dissolved
FlagofMoravia.png Republic of Moravia 5 May 2018 1 October 2018 Dissolved
Vlajka-1.png Republic of Okczerpatia 1 November 2017 27 March 2020 Dissolved
Bobanflag.jpg Duchy of Bobania 7 November 2017 10 April 2020 Degraded to observer
Menders-flag.png Federal Republic of Mendersia 1 December 2019 28 May 2020 Dissolution


  1. Delegate shared with Radoslavia