Free Kingdom of the Majer Dynasty

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Free kingdom of the Majer dynasty
Flag majer.png
Coa nvt.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom and independence!
Anthem: DJ MATRO-Stomp em... FOR THE KING!
Majerovsko uzemi.png
All territory claims
CapitalRoyal City
Official languagesCzech
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Establishment28. November 2018
• Census
CurrencyMajerland's rupee (MR)
Time zone(UTC+1)
This nation is a member of the UMCE

The Free kingdom of the Majer dynasty (or Majerland) is a micronation that claims territory in Prague, in the town of Blatná, and in the nearby village of Mužetice.

Its capital is the Royal City. Majerland is a former state of the Novotroit Federation.

It is an absolutist monarchy with elements of liberalism, led by King Daniel Majer.


Majerland is an absolute monarchy. The King Daniel Majer calls himself a progressive traditionalist.


All the power in Majerland has the King. King can only be a member of the Majer dynasty. Right now the King is Daniel Majer.

Foreign relations

Majerland is part of UMCE and Czech defensive alliance Konkord. It has good relations with most of the micronations from the Czech sector.

Nation Notes
Kybistani National Republic Mutual recognition of sovereignty, diplomatic and military cooperation.
Kingdom of Czernava Mutual recognition diplomatic cooperation, non-aggression pact and mutual military protection
Kingdom of Infinite Wisdom Mutual recognition of sovereignty and non-aggression pact.
Gymnasium State Treaty of Mutual Relations
Kingdom of Radoslavia Treaty of Mutual Relations
United States of Mekniy and Lurk Treaty of Mutual Relations
Rednecks Republic Treaty of Mutual Relations
Duchy of Lutasia Treaty of Mutual Relations
Duchy of Firburg Treaty of Mutual Relations
Principality of Mendersia Treaty of Mutual Relations
Kybistani republic old Ludenberk Treaty of Mutual Relations
Klitzibürg Treaty of Mutual Relations


Majerland is a capitalist state. Every citizen who obtains a Special Business Charter can do business here. Citizens can apply for such a document if they already have a business idea.

So far, the only Special Business Charter has been issued in the Majerland, namely for trading with products on the Steam platform. King Daniel Majer obtained this charter and thus controls the monopoly on this enterprise.

Majerland also has its own currency - the Majerland's rupee (MR). Unfortunately, due to the essentially dysfunctional economy, this currency has not been used in any way so far.

Administrative divisions

Majerland is located exclusively in areas where the Majer dynasty has direct or some control. These units are called states.

Prague state: apartment in Jílovská street, where the Royal City is located

Blatná state: residence of the Majer dynasty and a house called Severní Blatensko (in Blatná)

Mužetice state: residence of the Majer dynasty in the cottage area (in the village of Mužetice)

Colonial states: Marhita colony and Baleha colony located in the village of Deshkovytsya near the city of Irshava (Ukraine)


Majerland was founded on the 28th of November 2018 by Daniel Majer.

Formation of the Kingdom

In 2013 Daniel Majer decided to establish a nation in which there would be a strong one-man government, but the laws and ideas of liberalism would be enforced there! He started negotiating with his family members, but after some time he forgot about his plans. In 2018 after some time he decided to establish a nation in his and his brother's room.

2019 Civil war

On April 10, 2019, the Ministry of Defense declared a crisis situation. King Daniel Majer and his Brother Adam Majer (also a member of the Royal Majer Dynasty) did not agree on the direction of the kingdom. According to Adam Majer, the economy was not stabilized and the government basically did not work. These disagreements eventually escalated into open armed conflict. Adam Majer founded a new faction called the Golden Majerland, which aimed to overthrow King Daniel Majer from the throne. Several battles took place, the most fundamental of which was the Battle of the Doors on May 31, 2019. After this battle, the Golden Majerland controlled the only border crossing in the country (Doors), due to which the Royal Army was essentially cut off from supplies. But Daniel Majer, thanks to his very good tactics, was able to push Golden Majerland out of position and thus fundamentally weaken it.

Since then, many battles have not taken place, but rather random shootings of minor importance. Majerland fell into inactivity. Although both sides were still technically at war, the country was calm. After more than a year, the king began diplomatic negotiations, which were a great success.

On November 17, 2020, the two sides finally agreed that the war was going nowhere and signed a peace agreement. The king maintained his position.

Novotroit Federation

On February 9, 2021, Majerland officially became part of the Novotroit Federation. In addition, on the same day, King Daniel Majer issued his new territorial claims, which include a bigger part of the Royal City, the full town of Blatná in southern Bohemia, and the nearby village of Mužetice.

Disintegration of Novotroit Federation

Unfortunately, on March 30, 2021, the Novotroit Federation disintegrated. Daniel Majer was no longer interested in taking care of this nation only by himself. He, therefore, decided to fully restore the Majerland again and form a fully functional micro-nation. He had a new flag created and also declared new territorial claims, which he said are already realistic.

Royal army

The Majerland's Armed Forces are made up of the Royal Army, which has three infantry regiments and one motorized division. They are:

Blatná Infantry Brigade operating in Blatná state

Mužetice Infantry Brigade operating in Mužetice state

NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ motorized division

Royal militia which works only when Majerland is at war. Every citizen of the Majerland is a part of the Royal militia, but non-citizens can also enter it if the King agrees.

The supreme commander of the Royal Army is the King.


The culture of the Majerland is Slavic, more precisely rather Czech. Due to the origin of King Daniel Majer, it also has Ukrainian elements (or rather Ruthenian). However, thanks to the modern era of the Internet, it is strongly influenced by US culture. Genres like rap or rock are popular, and citizens also often watch American movies.

But the king doesn't like the modern progressive society. Personally, he considers himself more of a liberal-progressive traditionalist.


Although it does not seem despite the size and population, Majerland is very artistically active. The King is part of the HOOD group called NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ, which operates in Prague around Novodvorská Street. It is here where Royal City (more precisely, in Jílovská Street) is located. This group creates music, videos with the theme of rap (clips, concert recordings, NOV - NOVOTROIT PRODUCTION), and sometimes videos on youtube. The former national anthem of Majerland (Levná prdel, or in Englisch Cheap ass ) was created by one of the members of NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ yungj0zy. The current one was created by DJ MATRO, also a member of the NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ.


The inhabitants are active in sports, but rather participate in esports. Popular are games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, Hearts of Iron IV, or Company of Heroes 2.