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The Duchy of Lutasia (Czech: Luženské vévodství, Lutasian: Luženskě vojvédství) is a micronation located in South Bohemia, nearby Trhové Sviny. It was estabilished on 9.7 2020. Duchy of Lutasia is also full member in UMCE.

Duchy of Lutasia
110px-Vlajka Luzna.png
Coat of arms of Lusatia.svg
Coat of arms
Motto: Věrni zůstaneme. (Czech: We'll remain faithful.)
Poloha Sewerlandu v CR (1).png
and largest city
Official languagesCzech, Slovak, English
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Duke
Daniel Henry I.
LegislatureParliament of Lutasia
Establishment9.7. 2020
• Census
CurrencyCzech Koruna
Time zoneUTC
Full member in UMCE


The word Lutasia comes from Czech Lužna, which comes from Lutasian word Luz (valley) because Lutasian territory is located in valley of Ire.


History of the territory

Previously, there was no forest in the area, but there was a pasture. Related to this is the story of a certain cowherd girl named Anna Krychova. In 1876, sheep grazed here. To keep her cold overnight, she lit a fire. She woke up in pain as her dress caught. The girl burned down in this place and her divine torment still stands here. This day, ie October 21, is also a national holiday - the Day of Remembrance of the burnt Anna Krychová. Anna is also considered the patroness of the Lutasia.

First micronation from Daniel Henry I.

First defacto micronation from Daniel Henry I. was the Wolfskopfian Kingdom. It was an constitutional monarchy. It's territory consisted of Duke's garden and few other colonies. Population of Wolfskopfian Kingdom was around nine and a half milion. Instead of normal people, there were mini-people (which were basically just fictional and smaller versions of normal people), and the government and people in it were also fictional. It de facto dissolved in 2020 with the estabilishment of Duchy of Lutasia, but de iure still exists to this day.

After discovery of MicroWiki

Daniel Henry I. discovered MicroWiki because of micronation he was a part of: Duchy of Mapperia. However, this Duchy quickly became inactive and Daniel Henry I. decided to stage a coup against the current duke with another citizen of Mapperia, Filip Kouba. The coup was a huge success and Duke abdicated. They finally arranged elections to Parliament and elections for new Duke. Filip Kouba won by a landslide in these elections and was coronated. But after some activity after the coup, the micronation went inactive again. Daniel Henry I. made a suggestion to expand Mapperia's territory. However, Kouba didn't agree with this suggestion, but suggested Daniel Henry I. to estabilish his own micronation. Later the same day, Daniel Henry I. estabilished Principality of Trhové Sviny, later controversial micronation. It quickly perished however, and was replaced by Duchy of Sewerland, later renamed to Duchy of Lutasia we know today.



There is a water stream on the territory of Lutasia, called Ire. There are also some tributaries which flow to Ire, like Gleb, Eviczka and Dobrovka. The presence of these water streams create beautiful valleys.


In Lutasia, there is very rich fauna, typical for temperate climate zone. In Lutasia, you can often see European Deer, sometimes Mice or Wild Boars, which was seen only once. There are also two ponds on the territory, which means there are some fishes. However, majority of fishes that live in these ponds are unknown. Only fish that is known is big bream. You can also see a lot of birds there, like Tit, Thrush or Woodpecker.


Since Lutasia is located in a valley, all plants that are used to humidity thrive here, like Moss or Ferns. Heather also grows here, which is the national flower of Lutasia. Of the edible plants, there are Blackberries or Blueberries.


Lutasia has many rumors, for example, one of the rumors is about arrival of first Lutasians and their leader Zbyhněv. Lutasian nation comes from territories around Wolin National Park. Lutasians also had they own language, unfortunately, they were assimilated with Czechs, so their language almost disappeared. Lutasian duke is trying to revive the language of Lutasians.


Duchy of Lutasia is divided into the 1 Grandprincipality, 1 Principality, 1 Shire and 1 town.

Flag Coat of Arms Name Population Noble
Flag Senken.png Znak Senkensko.png Grand Principality of Senken 1 Grand Prince
Phillip I. Senken
CoA Ossenland.png Principality of Ossenland 2 Prince
Maxmilian I. von Ossenland
Governorate of Wilpaz 4 inhabitants, 2 residental cizizens Governor
Daniel Henry I.

Politics and goverment

Duchy of Lutasia has a unicameral goverment, consisting of Parliament. Elections are held every 4 months.


There are 4 parties in the Duchy of Lutasia.

Party Ideology Spectrum Leader Seats in Parliament of Lutasia Logo Members
Political parties represented in the Parliament
Liberal Party of the Duchy of Lutasia Liberalism Right-Ĺiberalism Philip I. Senken
1 / 5
LSSA.png 2
National Conservative Party of Lutasia National conservatism, Neo-Luddism, Monarchism Authoritatian Right Daniel Henry I.
2 / 5
File:File:NKSL logo.png 3
Party of Free Lutasia Social Liberalism Liberal left Štěpán Kutnix I.
2 / 5
Strana svobodne Luzny.png 2
Lutasian Left Social democracy, Democratic socialism, State socialism Authoritarian-Liberal left Štěpán Freumund
0 / 5
Lutasian Left.jpg 1

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