Novotroit Federation

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Novotroit Federation
Coat of arms
Anthem: DJ MATRO-Stomp em... FOR THE KING

Novotroit in Prague
Largest cityBlatná
Official languagesCzech
GovernmentMilitant absolute federative monarchy
LegislatureGeneral Assembly
• Census
Time zone(UTC+1)
This nation was a member of the UMCE

The Novotroit Federation, more commonly known as Novotroit, was a micronation in Czech Republic.

It has 4 parts: Novotroit (in Prague), Free kingdom of the Majer dynasty (in Prague and South Bohemia), Sudeten next to Chodov Fortress (in Prague) and Protectorate Eduso (in Prague).

Novotroit is a gang state, which means, that everything in this nation is controlled by NVT SHOOTAZ. Fortunately, this gang is very peaceful and all they do is smoking some gas.

Daniel Majer


The name Novotroit was made in 2018. OG Brikulákos had their first meeting and they needed a new name for their crew. The main street in this hood is called Novodvorská. As a joke, somebody said that Novodvorská is the same hood, as Detroit. That's how Novotroit was born.


The gang of NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ was firstly born in 2018. Few members, calling themselves OG Brikulákos, had a meeting. They sparkled some boofs and established a new name - Novotroit. In 2019, new members joined. Also, rap crew Sauce Squad (also known as Ice Gang) joined Novotroit. When the Covid pandemic started, Daniel Majer (Sauce Squad) was born, so he joined the Czech micro wiki discord server. Back then he was king of the Free kingdom of the Majer dynasty. At the start of 2021, he proclaimed a new micronation, called the Novotroit federation.

Politics and government

Everything in Novotroit is run by NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ. The head of the state is Daniel Majer, who has all the power. Novotroit has a general assembly, but it is only a platform for discussion.

Law and order

All the power in Novotroit has the General of NVT Army Daniel Majer. He makes all the laws and runs everything in this micronation.

Foreign relations

Novotroit is a full member of UMSE and Konkord. It also has very good relations with most of the Czech micronations.


The military of Novotroit is called NVT ARMY. It consists of the main federative army and King's army.

The federative army is made up of three parts:

NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ is a motorized division. All the members of the gang are in this division.

Motorized division NOVOTROIT SHOOTAZ

Novotroit infantry division consists of normal citizens.

HOOD PATROL is Novotroit's police.

King's army is made up of two parts:

Blatná infantry brigade = it is brigade used for patrolling in city Blatná. Citizens of the Free kingdom of the Majer dynasty can be part of the brigade only if the King says so.

King's militia = all the citizens of the Free kingdom of the Majer dynasty are part of this militia. It only works, when Novotroit federation is at war.


Novotroit is a capitalist state. Nowadays there is only one functioning company called Novotroit records.


Novotroit, as a gang, worships a hood culture. Most people do some hustle, they listen to rap and smoke gas. Some gang members make videos and some make rap songs. Most of the gang's rap songs can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube.

Members, that make music, are: yungj0zy, $kváraTaŽába, Danyjel, DJ MATRO and COD¥