Rednecks Republic

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Rednecks Free Federal Republic
Svobodná spolková republika Vidlákova

Flag of the Rednecks Republic.svg

Demokracie je naše povinnost (Czech: Democracy is our duty)
VR globus.png
Lovosice, Czech Republic
Capital cityVidlákov
Official language(s)Czech
Official religion(s)Secular (97%), Catholic (3%)
Short nameRednecks Republic
GovernmentParliamentary republic
- PresidentPetr Bláha
- Prime MinisterŠtěpán Círek
Established29 May 2019
Area claimedcca 0,005 km² (+ cca 8 km² colonies)
CurrencyRedneck Tollar
Time zoneUTC+1

Rednecks Republic is an unrecognized state (commonly micronation) in a gymnasium in Lovosice. The nation is a parliamentary republic, and the capital is Vidlákov. The President is Petr Bláha, and the Prime Minister is Štěpán Círek.


Government is constructed on general council. And there is president and tribune of people.

Strana Logo chair Political position Ideology Govermnent x oposition seats in parliament
Hnutí Sociálních Demokratů (social democratic party)
HSD logo.jpg Štěpán Fremund left Social democracy Goverment
7 / 10
Pravicově Demokratická Strana Míru(right democratic party of peace)
none Radek Jiránek Right Wing Right wing conservatism Oposition
3 / 10


The economy is not working, as the currency is currently only being printed. The currency is the Redneck tollar, with the exchange rate of 1 Redneck tollar = 5 Czech koruna.

Geography and administrative division

The Redneck Republic is lovated in Lovosice with area of cca 5000 m², and with colonies on small uninhabited islands in the Atlantic Ocean with cca 8 km² in total. The population is 33.


The Redneck Republic was established on 29 May 2019, however the idea has existed for approximately 4 months longer. The increasing number of problems around the establishment seemed to stop the creation of the micronation. On 30 May, presidential election took place. Out of three candidates, Marie Vacková and Jan Šťastný got equal amount of votes while Martin Hrabánek got no votes. In a second round on 6 June, Marie Vacková won and was elected. On 15 June, elections in the House of Commons took place, with SSS winning, however it became a part of opposition as TSSD-PDSM coalition was established. After that,great inactivity starts which end at april,after that new goverment was create in lead of Štěpán Círek


Culture is mainly non-existent nowadays, but it is part of future plans.


The only myth of the nation sais that approximately 550 years before the independence, a redneck was working on a field. Due to bad living conditions and hard work, he tried to lead a revolution with 50 more people, however they were crushed by the forces of the nobles. The rebels were executed.


The official language is Czech.


Two citizens are Catholics, and the rest is secular.

National holidays

The micronation has only two national holidays:

  • 29 May - Freedom Day
  • 30 May - Day of the First Elections

Foreign relations

The Rednecks Republic has signed treaties of formal relations with following nations:


The Rednecks Republic got full membership in the Union of Micronations of Central Europe and full membership in GUM, and full in MOF.

Space program

The Rednecks Republic plans to start a space program.