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Pinang, officially the Archduchy of Pinang, is a micronation located in Southern Europe. It completely borders with Italy.

Archduchy of Pinang

15 June 2018 — Present

Flag.Pinang 1.pngStemma-Pinang1.png

Libertà, Giustizia e Progresso
(Freedom, Justice, and Progress)
Southern Europe
Capital city Estosadok
Largest city Costituzione
Official language(s) Italian, English (Lingua Franca)
Official religion(s) secular state
Short name Pinang
Demonym Pinangs
Government Elective Constitutional monarchy
- Archduke Ex-Vice-President of Pinang
- Prime minister Esty
- Vice-prime minister Current Mayor of Estintore
- President of the Parliament Ex-Vice-President of Pinang
Legislature Parliament of Pinang
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 16 April 2019 (election for the president of the Parliament)
Established Republic of Pinang: April 18, 2018
Annexation: June 11, 2018
Reformation: June 15, 2018
Area claimed <0,5 km
Population 12
Currency Euro
Time zone UTC+1 (UTC+2 in summer)
National dish Döner Kebab
National drink Kvas (non-alcoholic variety)
National animal Flying sloth


The Republic of Pinang was born on April 18, 2018. The next day the elections are held and the president of the Golden Party wins. On April 24 the constitution is approved. On May 8 the president founded the CTASIO. On May 21 a referendum is held to enter the Kermadec Union.

The Pinang's crisis

On June 4, the president accuses the minister of foreign affairs of organizing a revolution. The next day he is accused of false accusations and is banned for 5 days. The Minister of Foreign Affairs organizes a referendum to anticipate the elections. The following day the Minister of Foreign Affairs surrenders. The second part is dominated by the conflict between the People's Republic of Duke and a member of the Microwiki forum.


On June 15 the Archduchy of Pinang is formed and the following day elections are held for the Archduke. On 19 June the former vice-president officially became Archduke of Pinang. On 6 August 2018 two new territories are annexed and the population increases by 4 inhabitants.



Pinang has 9 scattered enclaves surrounded by Italian territory. The largest municipality is the municipality of Costituzione.


Pinang has 12 inhabitants.



The majority of the population is Italian. The 16,67% is of the population is Belarusian origin and the 8,33% of Russian origin.



The most practiced religion is the Catholicism but there are also Orthodox and Atheist minorities.



The Archduchy of Pinang is an unicameral elective constitutional monarchy. The monarch has executive powers and is elected by the people. The prime minister is chosen by the sovereign every 5 months and every month chooses ministers. The president of the parliament is elected by the people every 2 months and choose the other 4 senators. The sovereign chooses the president of the judicial court every five months and chooses the judges (for life). The head of government is the prime minister and the monarch is the head of state.


Title Ministry Party
3° Vicepresident of Golden Party Ministry of Interior Golden Party
Current Mayor of Costituzione Ministry of Health and Economy Golden Party
Current Mayor of Bombardi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Constitutional Party
Current President of Realist Party Ministry of Culture Realist Party
Mayor of Bazhong Ministry of Defence and Public Security Independent


The only parties are Golden Party (PDP), Popular Party, Constitutional Party (PC) and Realist Party (PA).

Party Name Leader Position Seats in the Parliament Seats in the Government Acronym
Golden Party Esty centre-left
3 / 5
3 / 7
Constitutional Party First Archduke Centre and Left-Wing
0 / 5
1 / 7
Popular Party First Mayor of Estintore Centre-left
2 / 5
1 / 7
Realist Party The last citizen centre
0 / 5
1 / 7

Political order

Pinang is divided into 7 municipalities: Estosadok, New Bazhong, New Estosadok, Estintore, Bazhong, Costituzione and Bombardi.

Armed forces

Military Forces

The Military forces are divided into two regiments: the 1st Regiment Estosadok and the 2nd Regiment Gandalf. The Military Forces were established by the former President Esty on April 19, 2018. The color of the Military Forces is the Blue.

Statal Police

The Statal Police was established on April 19, 2018.

Secret Services

The Secret Services were established by the Archduke on 6 September 2018.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs

ImvrassiaFlag.jpg Kingdom of Imvrassia (treaty)

Nations recognized

Nations who recognize Pinang

Nations not recognized