Golden Party (Pinang)

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Golden Party
PresidentEsty Carpentieri
Founded18 April 2018 (First Republic of Pinang), 16 June 2018 (Archduchy of Pinang)
Dissolved20 October 2019
Membership (July 2018)5


Political positionCentre-Left
Colors  Gold
Parliament of Pinang
4 / 5
(17 April 2019)
3 / 6
(23 September 2019)

The Golden Party (Italian: Partito Dorato) also known by its acronym PDP was a liberal political party of the Archduchy of Pinang and the biggest political party in Pinang.


The Golden Party was formed on April 18, 2018. The current last has been in force since December 4, 2018. The president has dissolved the party on 20 October 2019.

List of Vicepresidents

Name Vicepresidency Time in office Ideology president
1st Mayor of New Piniang 18 April 2018- 4 June 2018 47 days Centrism Esty
2nd Pino 4 June 2018- 11 June 2018 7 days Souverainism Esty
3rd Senator Walker 16 June 2018- 20 October 2019 491 days Progressivism Esty


Overall, the Golden Party was considered as a Social liberal and Progressive party, despite having centre-right liberal-conservative factions. The party supported a free market economy and strongly supported left-leaning social policies, in fact it supported the first amendment to the archduchy constitution that protected the LGBT community and 1/2018 law which banned racially motivated, neo-nazi and neo-fascistic groups.

Electoral Results

Election Popular vote Vote percentage Candidate Affluence
Elections for the president of the Parliament October 2018 3/4 75% Esty 44,4%
Elections for the president of the Parliament April 2019 2/5 40% Esty 55,55%
Elections for the president of the Parliament June 2019 5/6 83,33% Esty 54,54%
Elections for the president of the Parliament August 2019 4/5 80% Esty 50%
  • (during the elections for the President of the Parliament of June, August, December 2018 and February 2019 all the candidates were part of the Golden Party)