Esty Carpentieri

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Esty Carpentieri
Prime Minister of Pinang
Assumed office
8 September 2021- in charge
Predecessor Andrew Perdomo
General Secretary of United Micronational Alliance
Assumed office
8 August 2021-in charge
Prime Minister of NoboBangla
Assumed office
5 August 2021- Present
Prime Minister of Rovia
Assumed office
20 May 2021- 15 October 2021
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 2005
Citizenship Pinang
Nationality Flag of Italy.png Italian and Pinang.png Pinangese
Ethnicity Italian
Political party People's Democracy (Pinang)
Residence Estosadok, Pinang.png Pinang
Occupation Student, Micronational Politician, General and Journalist
Religion Agnosticism
Political Ideology Democratic Socialism, Progressivism, Left-wing Populism, Civic Nationalism, Sankarism, Anticolonialism and Antifascism
Political collocation from Left-wing to Far-Left
Nickname(s) Esty
Military Service

BornFlag of Italy.png Italy
Country served Pinang
Armed ForceMilitary Forces of Pinang
RankGeneral (Colonel 19 April 2018-11 June 2018, 15 June 2018- 29 August 2018)
Years of Service19 April 2018-11 June 2018, 15 June 2018- present

Esty Carpentieri (born in 2005), commonly known as Esty, is a Pinangese politician, military official and journalist. He is also member and citizen of several micronations including Pinang, Rednecks Republic, Snagov, Belcity, Eastasia, Atovia, Pacem, Wendatia, Laguna, Pontunia, Ostton Federation, Mihrazi Republic, Jutar, Gwladcoeden and Floriland.

He is the founder of Pinang and co-founder of United Micronational Alliance. He is heterosexual and cisgender and considers himself a straight ally.

Esty self-identifies as a democratic socialist and a left-wing populist.


Political Views

Esty has repeatedly called himself a Democratic Socialist. His ideas are inspired by Italian socialism and political figures such as Filippo Turati, Giacomo Matteotti and Sandro Pertini, or to political characters like Thomas Sankara and Bernie Sanders. Esty has repeatedly expressed support for the Belarusian opposition, even before the 2020-2021 and in the 2020 Democratic primary elections he supported Bernie Sanders and then Joe Biden in 2020 presidential election.


During the political crisis in June he was sentenced to ten days in exile for making false accusations against the leader of the People's Anarchist Party. In 2021 he was recently accused of having too many powers in Pinang by the general secretary of the UCCS.


Country Date conferred Decoration Medal/Ribbon
Rovia 20 May 2021 Rovian National Honor Reward Rovian National Honor Reward Medallion .png
State of Vishwamitra 17 May 2021

Order of the Lotus (Commander)

Ribbon bar of the Order of the Lotus (Commander).svg
Pacem 6 June 2021 Order of Dawn (Knight) Insignia of the Order of Dawn (Knight)
State of Vishwamitra 8 June 2021 Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra (Commander) Royal Order of the Crown of Vishwamitra (Commander) - ribbon.svg
Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy alth=File:Ribbon bar of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy.svg
Snagov 18 June 2021 Order of the 18th of June (Member) alth=File:O18j citizen ribbon.png
Indradhanush 31 June 2021 The Coronation Medal of Chandrachur I Ribbon of the Coronation Medal of Chandrachur I.png