Esty Carpentieri

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The Honourable
Esty Carpentieri
President of the Pinangese Republic
In office
7 November 2021 - 15 March 2022
Predecessor Tobey Wyles
Successor May Junkin
Prime Minister of Pinang
Assumed office
12 December 2022- 9 January 2023
President Rafaela Luiz
Predecessor Daniel Quintero
Successor Tobey Wyles
Governor of Metropolitan Pinang
Assumed office
31 December 2022-in charge
Deputy Governor Ezio Auditore
Predecessor Leo
Prime Minister of Rovia
In office
20 May 2021- 15 October 2021
Monarch Mo
Predecessor Office established
Prime Minister of Norton
Assumed office
6 January 2023
Monarch Alexander I
Deputy Connor Simonetti
Devin Purcell
Predecessor Thomas Jacobs
Personal information
Born 2005
Citizenship  Pinangese
Nationality  Italian
Ethnicity Italian
Political party * PDS (Pinang)
Residence Municipality of Estosadok, Province of Metropolitan Pinang,  Pinang
Occupation Student and Micronational Politician
Religion Agnosticism

Esty Carpentieri, KCI KORIS KD CMCI CMMI DUMV commonly known as Esty, is an Italian-Pinangese micronationalist. He also is a politician in several micronations including Pinang, Ostton, Georgienstine, and Atovia. Esty Carpentieri is one of the five co-founders of the Pinangese Republic and the most prominent one. He served as President and Prime Minister of Pinang several times, leading more than ten governments. He current serves as Governor of Metropolitan Pinang and member of the Pinangese parliament. Since January 2023 he has served as the Prime Minister of Norton.

He also served as Prime Minister of Rovia between May and October 2021, as Vice-President of Floriland and as Prime Minister of NoboBangla. Currently, he serves as the President of Pinang and as Prime Minister of Bonaterra. In Roscamistan, he was one of the main opposition figures, firstly as leader of Proletarian Democracy, and then as co-leader of Democratic Action. He was one of the leaders of the Left in the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat, which resulted in his removal from politics.

Carpentieri is known for his democratic socialist, progressive and anti-capitalist political positions, and is considered the main figure of the Pinangese left.

Carpentieri has been described as both a moderate socialist leader and a radical socialist. Carpentieri has also been criticized for running Pinang as in a too simulationist way, focusing too much on online citizens, disregarding the nation's territoriality. Esty Carpentieri has always described these criticisms as futile and senseless, he argued that he was forced to make such decisions to avoid the dissolution of Pinang. Esty Carpentieri has also been strongly attacked by numerous Italian virtual micronationalist exponents for being a supporter of territorial micronationalism and rejecting the the virtualist model.


Esty Carpentieri was born in 2005 in the Italian region of Lombardy to a working class family.

Political involvement in Pinang

On 18 April 2018, along with four of his classmates, he founded Pinang and was elected as first President the day after. During his first term as president, a presidentialist constitution was written, new territories were annexed, a census was hold and a referendum to join the Kermadec Union took place. In early June 2018, Carpentieri the was involved in the 2018 Pinang political crisis. After the dissolution of the First Republic of Pinang, Carpentieri founded the Archduchy of Pinang, becoming provisional head of state, until the coronation of the Archduke Pino. Subsequently, he was appointed Prime Minister, and on 19 June 2018 he was elected as President of the Parliament of Pinang with 67% of votes.

Political Views

Carpentieri self-identifies as a Democratic Socialist and a left-wing nationalist. He has been widely defined as a left-wing figure, although he has also been described as far left and a centre-left politician by some observers. Carpentieri is known in Pinang for his “compromise politics”, and his collaboration with other parties and support for national unity governments. Carpentieri is also a Pinangese federalist and a supporter of interventionist policies in economy. He has repeatedly expressed support for the Belarusian opposition, even before the 2020-2021 protests. He stated that he voted for Majorino in the 2023 Lombard Regional Election.


National honors

Foreign honors

Former honours
  •  Norton
    • Commander of the Order of the Aurea Apis (1 January 2023)
    • Member of the Order of the Nortonian Crown (1 January 2023)
    • Member of the Order of the Merit of Camellia (1 January 2023)