Penn Federal Republic

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Penn Federal Republic
FlagPenn Federal Republic Coat of Arms.png

Chester County Pennsylvania, United States
Capital cityMedici City
Largest cityMedici City
Official language(s)English
Recognised languagesEnglish, Spanish, French, German
Short namePFR
DemonymCitizens of the Penn Federal Republic
GovernmentConstitutional Democracy
- PresidentDevin Purcell
- Vice PresidentJared Racey
- Head of SenateSampson Vennard
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - Eleven
- Last election - July 14
Established31 December 2020
Area claimedFive Acres
GDP (nominal)GDP Unknown
Time zoneEST
Internet TLD.pfr (planned)
National sportCheckers, Chess
National dishNational Dish Not Established
National drinkLemonade
National animalDog
National exportNational Export Not Established

The Penn Federal Republic, more commonly known as the PFR, is a micronation established in Pennsylvania, United States. The micronation was started by musician and Twitch streamer Devin Purcell. The Penn Federal Republic is a Federal Republic, following the ideals of democracy and has established a constitution.[1] The most widely spoken language is English. The capital city is Medici City, a symbolic capital, which is located in Pennsylvania.


The Penn Federal Republic was established on 31 December 2020, by the nation's first President, Devin Purcell. Not long after the creation of the micronation, Devin Purcell recruited Vice President Kaiden "Stx" Wooten, and now Head of Senate, Sampson "Sven" Vennard. By 1 May, 2021, the Penn Federal Republic has met all of the requirements of the Montevideo Convention[2].

The August Affair

On 26 August 2021, the government Twitter account (@RealPennFR), stated that Vice President Kaiden "Stx" Wooten had been reassigned and the replacement would be the now Vice President, Jared Racey.[citation needed]

Dracul-Graustarkian Affair

On 7 September 2021, the government Twitter account[3] announced the mobilization of the Penn Federal Republic's armed forces in support of the Commonwealth of Dracul's government declaring war on the Principality of Graustark.

"The Penn Federal Republic mobilizes it's forces in support of the @draculgov against the Principality of Graustark. The PFR offers full diplomatic and military support to the Dracul government."[4] 

At the conclusion of the Dracul-Graustarkian War on 8 September 2021, another announcement was released declaring the demobilization of the armed forces due to the peace agreement signed earlier in the day.[5]

Diplomatic Relations

Micronational Recognition

The Penn Federal Republic, not long after its creation, established diplomatic ties and formal relations with other micronations. These official diplomatic relations with other micronations is listed below. This list is incomplete and updated regularly by MicroWiki users.

Micronational Recognition of the Penn Federal Republic
Flag Name Date Recognized Mutual
Dracul COA.png Commonwealth of Dracul December 31, 2020 No
Aenopia CoA.svg Empire of Aenopia May 7, 2021 No
Nyx and nyx territories.png Queendom of Nyx March 2, 2021 Yes
Khazaria National Flag.jpg Kingdom of Khazaria May 6, 2021 Yes
Molossia flag.png Republic of Molossia December 31, 2020 No
Flag of Vancouver Island.png Dominion of Vancouver Island May 5, 2021 Yes

Macronational Recognition

The Penn Federal Republic, recognizes most established macronations, including all of the United Nations Member States, Israel, the State of Palestine, and Taiwan. The PFR's diplomatic status with the Israel-Palestine situation in the West Bank has drawn some criticism[citation needed] from others in the micronational community.

Macronational Recognition of the Penn Federal Republic
Flag Name Date Recognized Mutual
UN logo.jpg United Nations Member States January 14, 2021 No
Flag of Palestine.png State of Palestine May 17, 2021 No
Taiwan Flag.png Taiwan May 21, 2021 No


The Penn Federal Republic has a culture similar to the United States, which the nation borders, although there are distinct national identities. The national animal is the common household pet of a dog. The national drink is lemonade, a combination of lemon, water, and sugar. Popular brands of the national drink that are consumed in the nation are Minute-Maid and Tropicana.


In the Penn Federal Republic, the population is ever so growing, slowly but steadily. As of 31 August 2021, the Penn Federal Republic has nine citizens. All of the Penn Federal Republic's citizens are male. The citizens of the Penn Federal Republic are mostly atheist, with six, out of the nine citizens being registered as atheist. Two citizens are Christians, and one is antitheist. Around the world, the Penn Federal Republic has all but one of its citizens with residence in the United States of America, living in the European nation of Slovenia.

National Sport Leagues

The Penn Federal Republic has two national sports, that of Chess and Checkers, both tabletop games. Another sport many citizens participate in is that of eSports, or competitive video games. The PFR hosts a checkers tournament bi-yearly, where representatives from other micronations compete in the game. The Penn Federal Republic does not have an eSports team, but rather individual people who compete in a tournament style bracket or in small groups of two or three. The main games played are Minecraft, CS:GO, and more.


The Penn Federal Republic does not maintain a standing military, but rather an organized militia that may be called upon when necessary to the wellbeing of the nation. Most matters require the standing police force, not the military. Despite that, the militia is still structured as a standard army, with regiments and a leadership structure.[6] Under the Purcell Administration, the military has been neglected compared to other efforts.


The Penn Federal Republic maintains a Twitter account[3] where official press releases and other news are posted. In addition, the government owns an Instagram account to advertise and publicise the quality of life within the country. The constitution of the Penn Federal Republic[7] allows for free speech and free press, so there are many publications owned and operated by the public. At this time there are no official non-government media organizations in the Penn Federal Republic.


President Devin Purcell (2019)

The Penn Federal Republic was established as a Federal Republic, to uphold the ideals of democracy. President Devin Purcell created several political parties[8] to endorse the idea of a multi-party state, which is better than the "problematic two-party state" President Devin Purcell has proclaimed.[citation needed] There are currently three active political parties, the Constitutionalist Party, the Reform Party, and the Anarchist Party.

Awards & Medals

The Penn Federal Republic issued the orders for the creation of several awards to grant to various individuals, whether citizens or non-citizens of the nation. President Devin Purcell is currently the only one to receive a formal decoration from the Penn Federal Republic.

Name Description Amount Issued Reason for Issue
Order of Activity Formal document sent to the residence of recipient. 0 Activity in country affairs.
Service Distinction Formal document and lapel pin. 0 First responder or active/past military veteran of home country.
Service I Award Formal document and blue lapel pin. 0 One year in a governmental position.
Service V Award Formal document and silver badge. 0 Five years in a governmental position.
Service X Award Formal document and gold badge. 0 Ten years in a governmental position
Order of Distinguished Command Wood display case and gold and silver badge. 1 Leadership skills in military.

COVID-19 Response

The Penn Federal Republic is committed to keeping the citizens of the nation safe. To achieve this goal, the nation must protect its citizens against the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as any other public health crisis that it encounters. The Penn Federal Republic has no reported cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19), and boasts the best vaccination status out of any sovereign state, at 100% of its citizens fully vaccinated, having received two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.


The Penn Federal Republic issued a mask mandate on the date of establishment as a micronation, 31 December 2020. The Penn Federal Republic has willingly agreed with United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines[9], as well as state and local governments. These guidelines include policies of social distancing, improved sanitization methods, and more. On 10 May 2020, the Penn Federal Republic authorized the Pfizer vaccine for use on all citizens over the age of twelve.