Federal republic

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Types of government

A federal republic is a federation of states or communities united under a central republican government. In the most basic of terms, a federal republic is simply a federation without a paternal head of state (monarch). There are no other criteria to describe a federal republic and it is possible for systems of government to vary greatly between any two such entities. Typically, states or constituent countries in a federal republic mimic the central government in the sense that they are also forbidden to have a monarch as their ruler.

Federal republics can be very practical for micronations which claim land based on where the citizens live. Many micronations have members which were gained on the internet and therefore are never physically together. The ability to divide a nation into various states can be very useful in these cases. Also, to have a form of government in which the people rule can create a vacuum for the growth of nations. On the other hand, authoritarian nations tend to push new citizens away.