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Types of government

Anarcho-capitalism is an a form of anarchism that directly opposes anarcho-communism. Like all anarchist theories, it advocates the destruction of the State. However, it does not advocate the destruction of the capitalist system. Instead, the system revolves entirely around the existence of capitalism.


In an anarcho-capitalist society, the natural law of the market would replace political and social order, with all law enforcement and public services being provided by voluntarily-funded competitors. Unlike classical capitalism anarcho-capitalism still relies heavily upon the principles of community organisation, asserting that it is necessary for the community to order itself voluntarily. These same principles apply to business in an anarcho-capitalist system. The concept of the corporation would not apply to an anarcho-capitalist system due to its emphasis on individuality and absolute market freedom.

In micronationalism

No micronational anarcho-capitalist state have ever been known to exist, although many economic systems unintentionally incorporate aspects of anarcho-capitalism. A close example may be the Empire of Vista Nova, a state that preceded the Zonian Confederacy. Another micronation that encorporates many anarcho-capitalist economic ideas is the Free Empire of Highland.