Empire of Vista Nova

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The Empire of Vista Nova is a clan based anarchic micronation in Cape Town, South Africa. The micronation is in fact a school where all students are citizens. The Empire has no formal leader but is run by many clans that fight each other reguarly.

Empire of Vista Nova
War and Valour
mela ar' palurin
Official language(s) English and Afrikaans
Capital Northern District
Date founded 2005
Number of citizens 150
Number of active citizens 25
Government Anarchy
Current leader Anarchy
National animal Dikop


The Empire of Vista Nova was founded on 2005 but the school itself has existed before that. The clans were founded in 2006. Some large events that happened in the Empire were the war of Blood Fields and the Merchant Wars. The top clan was the Scourge but it was disbanded when its leader founded the micronation, the Zonian Confederacy.

The Empire was a democracy for 2 months during 2009. The election were won by the Capitalist party lead by Nicholas Woode-Smith. The democracy worked well until the Badboys clan rebelled and the micronation went back into anarchy. During the elections the Badboys clan ran as the Party of the Nation.


The Scourge

The Scourge was lead by Nicholas Woode-Smith. It controlled most of the Empire and had the strongest army. On November 2009, the clan disbanded and turned into the Zonian Confederacy.


The Badboys were a high populated but at the same time poverty stricken clan. They had brute strength but lost every battle with the Scourge because of the lack of military organization and weapons. They're main enemy was the Scourge. They were lead by Chief Chad. They are referred to as Barbarians by all the other clans.

Blood Blades

The Blood blades had an on-off relationship with the Scourge but were always enemies with the Badboys. They disbanded in 2008 and joined the Scourge.

Wars and Battle

The Following is a list of all battles fought in the Empire.

Merchant Wars

The Merchant Wars took place during the reign of Nicholas Woode-Smith as Merchant Lord. They were fought between many Merchant companies and barbarians. The war contained many small skirmishes but here is the main battles that took place.

Battle of Gold Tree

The merchant lords were busy selling their wares at the tree known as The Tree of Gold. The Barbarians moved closer towards the stores looking like they were just browsing through the products. The merchants present were Jordan, Liam McGrath and Nicholas Woode-Smith. Here is how Nicholas tells the story.

I was selling my products, an assortment of second hand items ranging from toys to jewelery when a brutish looking man came up to my store. I asked if I could help him but he answered by saying that he was only browsing. I saw that many men resembling him were amassing around The Tree of Gold. I whispered to my bodyguard that he should keep watch on them. Suddenly, one barbarian shouted a signal, and all the barbarians took as much stuff they could off the tables. The other Merchants and I ordered our guards to attack the barbarian raiders. My guards were in brutal, close combat with the raiders, while the other guards pursued the runners. A raider charged at me, but I quickly dispatched him. These barbarians were no organized force, and they were knocked out easily. Then I heard war horns. A barbarian army was surrounding us. I called my men to rally at the tree. They went into a phalanx position. Pikes first pointing outwards while a person with a rifle covered their back. The barbarian chief signaled the charge. The barbarians hit our phalanx but they could not penetrate. The other Merchant lords weren't doing so well. After all barbarians threatening my force were dead, I ordered my force to back up the other Merchant Lords. Hours passed and the battle was finally over. This battle won Nicholas Woode-Smith the title of Merchant Lord in the Empire of Vista Nova.

Defense of the Merchants

The defence of the merchants was a battle where a convoy of merchants was carrying some stock to the market of Vista Nova when they got attacked by barbarians. The major merchants present were Liam McGrath and Nicholas Woode-Smith.

The Merchant Lord and his companion were transporting goods personally to the Market of Vista Nova. A barbarian clan wanted to avenge there fallen comrades that died at the Battle of Gold Tree. They flanked the convoy but the superior skill of the Merchants soldiers saved the day.

Blood Fields

Blood Fields was a large conflict between rival clans in the Empire of Vista Nova. The Clans were the Scourge, ruled by Nicholas Woode-Smith and the Blood Blades ruled by, Jordan. It is still recgonised as the war that showed the world that the soon to be Zonian Army was one of the best.

Blood Fields I

Blood Fields I was the first major conflict between the Scourge and Blood Blades. Medieval weaponry was used in this battle. The Zonian Army contained 10 soldiers each armed with a pike, shield and sword. The Blood Blades had 11 Soldiers armed with spears, clubs and swords. Blood Fields I was rated by Zonian Historians as one of the best shows of military tactics in the micronations history.