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Types of government

Doctrinism (also known as Base Doctrinism) is a government system and ideology where there are a set amount of people in charge, called "Teachers", their job is to "indoctrinate" the public. They are the leaders of the nation, as all knowledge passes through them. They act as an oligarchy. Different members may hold different jobs, or they all may focus on one job and leave the rest to the people.

Separate Types of Doctrinism and Base Doctrinism

Base Doctrinism, also known as simply Doctrinism, is terminology that refers to the Doctrinism system with minimal to no variant changes.

Different Types of Doctrinism
Base Doctrinism Division Doctrinism Unitary / United Doctrinism Evolutionary Doctrinism
Simply assigned oligarchical "Teachers" Elected officials as oligarchy A head of doctrines assigns teachers Simply assigned oligarchical "Teachers"
All hold separate foreign and domestic jobs All hold separate jobs and separate units they can assign the public to The teachers work towards one goal All hold separate foreign and domestic jobs or work towards one goal
The people can learn through the teachers The people learn through only the teachers and nothing else The people learn on their own The people learn through only the teachers and nothing else teachers teach harder and more authoritarian ideals over time.

There are also separate types of base doctrinism, mainly just having the teachers go into numerous political ideologies such as communism, socialism, capitalism, conservative, liberal, progressivism, etc. They may use other systems of government along with Doctrinism as well.

Nations that use Doctrinism


Kingdom of South-West Wales