Police state

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Types of government

Although not strictly a form of government in its own right, a Police State is a form of government in which there is little distinction between the judicial and executive branches of government, with the State having more or less absolute control over the law and judicial systems.


Typically, Police States employ the use of a Secret Police - a branch of the legal system that may or may not officially exist and usually operates outside of constitutional law. In a Police State, political and civil freedoms are often very low, with the State having absolute power to crush anyone who opposes them.

In micronationalism

Micronationally, true Police States are rare. The impracticalities of operating a Secret Police force are too great in most cases. A Police State would deter new citizens from joining, effectively crippling population growth and hindering micronational development. As a consequence, the only micronations that can be described as Police States tend to be autocratic States - such as absolute monarchies - where judicial power is usually all ready in the hands of the dictator/monarch.