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Types of government

Autocracy is a form of government in which most, or all, political power is vested in a single ruler who is self-appointed or selected by their predecessor. Typically, autocracy forms a crucial part of various totalitarian forms of government. Absolute monarchies are, for example, considered to be paternal autocracies in which all power is vested in a single individual who is selected by their successor on the criteria of blood relationships - i.e., the successor's first-born son/daughter or closest blood relative.

Autocracy is usually synonymous with dictatorship, absolute monarchy or similar forms of government in which all power is vested in a single figurehead. Oligarchies and democracies can never be autocratic by nature, although it is arguably possible for a plutocracy to be autocratic. Micronationally, many popular forms of government are fundamentally autocratic being absolute monarchies or dictatorships of some variety. Rarely, autocracy has been associated with the idea of a communist state, although such terms usually only apply to Stalinist states.