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The flag of Bolgajna is one of the countries using the rank republic.

The Rank Republic is a form of government whose creation is linked to Gerhát Mihály, Papp Bertalan György and Márton Gerhát, founders of the Rank Republic of Bolgajna. In this government, people can be influential according to what they work for. Although the rank republic can be implemented in several ways, one ideology is always common: everyone is born equal. This type of government was developed specifically for the Bolgajna and the rank republic has essentially been working perfectly there since its foundation. The rank republic is basically a right-wing form of government.


In most European languages, the word comes from the Latin res publica (public affairs). The word Rank indicates that work determines freedoms.

The operation of the state in a rank republic

The majority of the operation of the state is based on the harmonious distribution of power between the presidents, which is the key to an economy that develops at the right pace.

The Great Assembly

One of the most important events in Rank Republic and Bolgajna is the monthly assembly. Seven members of the parliament take part in the general meeting. They can vote on bills, amendments to the law or the distribution of subsidies. The four provincial leaders, the two presidents and one representative of the faction with the most members participate in the parliament. Presidents have three voting points, provincial leaders two and representatives one. Voting is open. If the vote results in a tie, we will start a referendum and that will decide.

The presidency

The government consists of presidents and vice presidents. The government can decide to submit a bill to the parliament for a referendum. Government members have more voting points than anyone else. The president and vice president can only be replaced in the event of resignation, death or the commission of a crime. A member of the government can only start a war. In times of war, there are no assemblies. Instead, there is a weekly board meeting, which is closed and only four people participate. The presidents, the vice president, and the representative elected by the people. The representative election is held every year and only those who have been members of a party or faction or movement for at least one month can run. Movements can be founded by anyone if they have at least three members. A party can only be established with the permission of the government and must have at least five members. A faction is a political organization that unites parties and/or movements. There are no representative elections during wartime. The government consists of the people who lead Bolgajna. The government has a very important role in the functioning of Bolgajna, as they appoint the diplomats, they authorize the establishment of political parties, they supervise the operation of various organizations, etc.

Countries that use rank republic.

Rank Republic of Bolgajna