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Flag of Cserpang
Motto: " Kholok orh szazlok "
Anthem: [anthem]
Other languagesCserpang

The Cserpangs are a West Slavic ethnic group in the Rank Republic of MMBS. They mainly occur in Western Osztróvia. officially declared nationality throughout the country, the majority are only in the Cserpang national area. Throughout their history, they lived a semi-nomadic or nomadic lifestyle and usually lived in tent cities. Many Cserpangs assimilated into other ethnic groups, once they also spoke their own language, but nowadays they generally use a mixed Cserpang-Hungarian language, (this is a kind of local dialect in MMBS)

Distribution area

Cserpangs in hungary.png

The Cserpnags come from Szigetköz. They claim that they once inhabited the entire area of ​​the Western and Central Szigetköz. There is no information about the reason why they ended up in Szigetköz. However, they never wanted to leave it: they didn't even use ships.


The Cserpangs originally believed in ancient religions. They were a real warrior nation, they had many weapons. They can also be considered as a mixture of Celtic and Slavic peoples. Their national weapon was the epokos, almost every Cserpang noble had his own collection of epokos. In their people, no one was born privileged, only those who earned the title of nobility (usually through fighting or heroic deeds.) In this ethnic group, these pigs played a very important role, the Cherpangs associate the Mangalica species with themselves. Pigs were not only respected but also used: according to legends, they rode these animals instead of horses. The frequent consumption of bird meat was integrated into their culture, while they were traveling they were often able to catch birds. Their national plant is Dandelion, which is mainly used for seasoning. Many Cserpang still keep the ancient traditions.

Cserpangs today

today they have their own national territory in western Osztróvia. Although the army is no longer as large as in the ancient odes, many of its soldiers are still worried about the most determined and reckless epithets. The area is mostly covered by fields. Their main resource is castor. This is the only area in the Central Province where this berry can be found. The cserpang language is now almost completely extinct, but texts are often translated into this language. The Dandelion Festival, one of the most popular festivals of MMBS, also originates from them. The Bogyó cities are the easiest to get to in this area. There is no river bank. Its charge is higher than that of the middle shelf.

Famous Cserpangs

 • Papp Bertalan György