Thury Province

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Thury Province
Flag of Thury
Motto: " Egyenlőség, Szabadság, Testvériség "
" Equality, liberty, fraternity "
Capital(de jure) Thurysziklás (de facto) Mandulaváros
Recognised national languagesHungarian
Ethnic groups
  • 40% Bolgánys
  • 40% Cretens
  • 20% Others
• Province Leader
Papp Bertalan György
Provincial autonomy
• Total
01 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
• Water (%)
Currency(de facto) Forint (de jure) Libertás
Time zoneUTC+1,0004 (MMBSST)
• Summer (DST)
UTCUTC +1,0004
Driving sideright

The easternmost range of the MMBS. There is also a beautiful rock model here, which consists of several buildings, most of its area is a rock field and hilly area. Religiosity is also reflected in the local culture, in addition to the MMBS traditions, many Christian traditions are preserved. Nowadays, it has become customary to occasionally hold sports days, which are celebrated in flat areas.

At one time in MMBS, it underwent tremendous development and was in many ways one of the most advanced domains. However, since the wars of attrition with the Crete association, the leadership of the MMBS in this area is unfortunately minimal and its leaders help this with passive support. Before the war, an almost complete Bolgány majority made up the population, however, as a result of assimilation and immigration, this is now less than forty percent.