Princeps movement

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Princeps Movenment
Papp Bertalan György
Headquarters Thury Province


Bolgány Loyalism


Bolgány noble support

Political positionCentrism
National affiliationBolgány
SloganIndivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter

The Princeps movement is one of the significant political movements of Bolgajna, the aim of which is to place the Bolgány people in a partially Oligarchic system and to bring back the formal noble titles, according to the movement, these titles create honor in the Bolgajna. Originally, the support of the left wing was also significant, but later it became more famous for its right-wing statements, an officially centrist grouping.


In addition to making many traditionalist statements, he often supports the increase of provincial autonomy and the dissolution of smaller territorial autonomies (see: Armonika). It also supports the use of noble titles.