Gerhát Márton

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Gerhát Márton
Márton Gerhát.png
Portrait of Gerhát Márton
President of Bolgajna
Assumed office
31 October 2014
Serving with Gerhát Mihály
Preceded byPosition created
Personal details
Born26 April 2009 (2009-04-26) (age 14)
Győr (Magyarország)
ParentsGerhát Róbert (father)
Szauer Éva (mother)
RelativesGerhát Mihály (brother)

Gerhát Márton (born 26 April 2009) is the President of the Rank Republic of Bolgajna and an assistant of several Hungarian-speaking micronations. He is also a founding member of Bolgajna. Added to this is the political branch called Martonism, widespread in Bolgajna. Together with his co-president, he does a lot for the development of Bolgajna. In several speeches, he supported the creation of autonomous zones in the Bolgajna, although most of them were abolished by the writing of the Armonica Petition (Famous Convention in the Micronation). He is now a moderate supporter of the centralization policy of the Bolgajna.

Rank Republic of Bolgajna

Short description

By all accounts, he is one of the most important people in Bolgajna. He also advocates the holding of the first Bolgajna camp, where about 20-30 children would be invited to introduce the culture, traditions and customs of the Bolgajna in the framework of a five-day camp. He considered it important to start several agricultural enterprises in Bolgajna, for example selling pumpkins or developing guinea pig breeding. Together with his brother, he plays a huge role in the development of the capital. He created the first official map of the Central Province. Among his important works is the Bolgajna flag and coat of arms, which he designed himself. Since then, they have been one of the most important symbols of Bolgajna. He also actively participated in the construction of Makkszeg.

Work in Pórfayz province

At the same time, he supported the independence of the Duchy of Újborókaföld. He works hard to maintain local culture. He helped build Makkszeg. He also helped build the local capital. He brought some historical souvenirs from here to the capital's museum.


Independence Day Opening Speech

Citizens! I will now open the Independence Day celebration with this speech. This is now more than a meeting of the citizens, this is the sealing of the sovereignty of the Bolgajna and I note again that it is not a separatist movement nor a hard-line secession, it is a group with a sense of collective national and cultural identity, which is able to function as a parallel world with the macronations of the world but in compliance its rules. Our goal is to realize a small utopian community in the wider world that can serve as a refreshing antidote to the world's problems. But in order to be able to operate as a well-known and, above all, recognized micronation project, we need to acquire allies from the neo-Secession micronation world, since serious allies prove our strengths as well. We are able to create one, if not the most significant micro-nation in Central Eastern Europe, but we all have to do our part. We can already see through many examples how a successful project can result from the cooperation of a few enthusiastic people, if we also do our work in this spirit, success will be guaranteed.

Lavender festival opening speech

I would like to open the lavender festival with this speech, in which I will detail why this holiday is important for Bolgajna and what we have done and what we still have to do this month, in addition, I will tell you what are the basic steps by which our culture can flourish and what should be done to do for anyone to become an official bolgány citizen. First, I will start with our monthly actions, well this is very difficult to detail, but since this is an indispensable step in summarizing the work of our nation, I will report on it now. We developed the cultural center, which is one of the most important buildings in the central province. by renovating the part consisting of outbuildings, we created a new culturally significant area. In order to develop the Dandelionland identity, we started to develop an artificial language for the locals. In order to develop our beaches along the Mosoni-Danube, we started to develop a plan for the development of our waterfronts. In order to improve water transport, we renovated ships and started organizing the plans for the Bolgajna survival camp. We continued working in the garden and completed our basic tasks. In order to develop our culture, however, we need active citizens who always keep an eye on the interests of our country. After all, each of our provinces has excellent features. we could even develop to the level of a micronation such as Molossia or the kingdom of Elleori. This, however, requires unwavering determination and work, because without them it would be impossible. Now I would like to focus on who can be a Bolgajna citizen, since this is the most important question from the point of view of population growth. It is a completely different system than in other countries. passive citizens only receive a paper on which their name, age and gender are indicated, this document must be signed and anyone can become an official citizen. thank you for listening to my speech throughout, with this speech I open the days of the Bolgajna 2022 lavender festival.

Life beyond micronationalism

Anyway, he was always a leader. Which has been proven in many ways. apart from micronationalism, he was the leader of many projects and organizations. By the way, he spent almost his entire life with micronationalism and founded his own Micronation with his brother at the age of 5.