Gerhát Mihály

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Gerhát Mihály
Az elnök.jpg
Portrait of Gerhát Mihály
President of Bolgajna
Assumed office
31 October 2014
Serving with Gerhát Márton
Preceded byPosition created
Personal details
Born19 May 2007 (2007-05-19) (age 16)
Győr (Magyarország)
ParentsGerhát Róbert (father)
Szauer Éva (mother)
RelativesGerhát Márton (brother)

Gerhát Mihály (Born in Győr, May 19, 2007) is one of the presidents, original members, and founders of the Rank Republic of Bolgajna. He is a micro-nationalist, inventor and representative of the political ideology of brahovism.

His early life

He was born as the child of Róbert Gerhát and Éva Szauer. He lived in Győrménfőcsanak until 2013, then his parents bought a plot of land at Dunaszeg Országút utca 23. At that time, this still belonged to Hungary. Then on October 29, 2014, he organized the Bolgajna with 3 other children.

About brahovism

True to brahovism, he advocates the radical centralization of the Bolgajna. He openly supports the equality of the people of Bolgajna. He condemns Inkululeko and supports his speedy overthrow. He shuddered at the idea of ​​independence in Újborókaföld, any sort of secession or securing its autonomy. He takes the preservation of tradition seriously, as it is the reason for the existence of our micronation. It supports the Armonika autonomy, which Gerhát Mihály called the engine of Bolgajna trade in a statement.

In Armonika

Armonika is the largest privatized area of ​​Bolgajna, which quickly stood out in the capital and price competition and became the largest trader. The people soon began to hate the corrupt regime of the first king, which emulated sacralism, which soon caused Bolgajna's decadent reputation. Taking advantage of the situation, he quickly became the leader of the rebellious people and demanded the immediate resignation of the king and the announcement of early elections. King György Papp Bertalan resigned. Mihály Gerhát won the first elections with a significant majority of votes. The Armonica Tribe became the second legitimate king of the autonomous area.

He successfully perceived and implemented the will of the people and drew the appropriate consequences. The first period of his reign caused great difficulty, it was difficult to restore Bolgajna from the previous economic regression. He reformed the minting of Armonica. He renovated the palace. He organized the first Armonika Casino Championship. He reformed agricultural production. He was the first to put the laws in writing, thus patching up the ex lex gaps that caused a lot of inconvenience. He was the first to lay down laws in writing, some of them were later transposed into the universal laws of the Bolgajna Rangi Republic. The autonomic area has also become the number one fighter for the generally widespread statism of Bolgajna. He abolished the segregation in society that had happened before, he realized that the backwardness of harmonic production was caused by the impoverishment of small and medium-sized industrialists. Accordingly, he returned a significant part of his private wealth to the state treasury, through which the needy received non-refundable loans or land. And by renewing the tax system, the state made a profit with all its costs. In cooperation with the capital of Bolgajna, Labor, the long-term goal is the infrastructural unification of the economic and cultural center of Osztróvia.

With his successful politics, King Gerhát has won the sympathy of the voters for several elections. The aim of his program, which is being prepared, would be to push the localized and closed-system armonic political life into the everyday of Bolgajna's political representation system.

About the aspirations of Újborókaföld

He fought against the independence of Újborókaföld. He successfully retaliated against the rebellion, it was his first successfully conducted war. The provincial leader of Pórfayz also took part in the fighting. In the peace treaties concluded with Újbrókaföld, the primary goal was the economic lifelessness of the new country. Újbrókaföld tried to provide for itself, but it was a hopeless experiment. A few days after the war, they rejoined the Rank Republic of Bolgajna.

His speech

My fellow citizens!

I am happy to inform all compatriots that we have previously achieved crushing victories against the separatist terrorists of Újborókaföld in our Borovicska area. Our teams successfully turned the well-known difficult terrain to our advantage with our precisely thought-out military strategy. The Ideiglenes Hadőrség has already surrounded our key points for winning the war. The wide forest strip east of Makkszeg is once again under our control. Supplies for the rebellious counter-revolutionaries are dwindling. I promise my comrades, by the time the sun sets behind Calvary, you will again see your beloved brothers rejoicing in the twilight.


Every holiday is organized with his brother, President Márton. Night of the dead is their most famous holiday and the game is the night of the herd, which brings more and more tourists every year.

He takes on important roles in the administrative reform of Bolgajna. He took part in drawing his boundaries. Together with his brother, he modernized the capital as part of a major renovation. He had a famous phrase before the start of modernization: A nation without a center is a crippled giant. President Mihály saw the need to write a constitution even before. Therefore, on April 30, 2022, with the title Basic Law of the Rank Republic of Bolgajna, which is much needed instead of oral, unwritten rules. The legal names of state-run office facilities were already important.