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Kakato Flag.jpg

Walker, Louisiana, United States
Capital cityKakarot
Official language(s)English, Dangaro
Ethnic groups30% Elarian
70% Alarian
- Head of StateMax Rohwer
Established17 November 2020
Area claimed.22 mi²
1 nonresidential
CurrencyElarian Stix
Time zoneUTC–5
National sportTaekwondo
National animalWildcat

Kakato is a micronation that was established on November 17th, 2020. It was founded by Max Rohwer. Charles Madgett is the chancellor and the two hold almost equal power, however Max holds a slight amount more. Kakato has special foreigns relations with Ela'r'oech and it is considered to be one of it's greatest allies. The old version of Kakato regarding Pre-Elarian times will be in the page Old Kakato.

Second Alarian War

It's acts in The Second Alarian War helped Ela'r'oech and the LENS allies win and defeat Alaria and the Alarian Freedom Fighters. While in conflict, Kakato has remained calm and even participated in a Taekwondo Tournament with Ela'r'oech and other LENS allies.

Foreign Relations

It is in the LENS allies, and holds good foreign relations with every member. It is currently neutral on whether Alaria should join shall it become a democracy. Kakato also has declared that it will not recognize Nichensburg following King Christoph's departure.