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Officially founded By ElijahM in Late February 2019, The Mack Republic is a serious, Galt’s Gulch style Micronation centered around Individual Liberties, voluntary interaction, and free markets , more simply referred to as Libertarian/Natural Rights Libertarian, or Anarcho-Capitalist The micronation consists of a park, housing areas, a zoo, a bike path, a set of beach across from the condos, and two islands In a bird refuge in Southern California.

The nation is built on its constitutional text. This text defines individualism, self ownership, and property, as the only law, and that all interaction must be voluntary.

The government is minimal and entirely competitive and voluntary, only protecting the property of the people , providing emergency response, while functioning as a charity providing basic welfare.


The housing area is the capital of the nation, Called Mengerville. The park, bike path, beach, and islands have been privatized to different owners by the Mack republic, because the MR is a libertarian society, the limited anti-state owns no land. locals of The MR break it up into two sections. The east half, (Zoo, Islands, half of the main road, half the housing area, and half of the beach) is considered the east side, while the rest is considered The west side.

There are three cities within the MR: Mengerville, zoologica, (which is popular, but has no permanent population), and Tropicana, which consists of the beach and islands.


  • Driven by: Private Sector
  • Top businesses: tourism, condominiums, zoo tickets, ice cream sales.
  • projected top businesses for 2021: condominiums, tourism, Zoo sales, food trucks, ice cream sales, soccer field rental.

The MR economy is entirely driven by the private sector, with exception of city involvement which still exists to an extent. Plans to sell spaces of land to small food trailers along the bike path are in the beginnings. This would bring a major boost to the economy. Plans are under way for charging soccer teams to play tournament games on Fields per hour. Both these new ideas require that the bill in production passes, and gives the ability to rent/sell land.

tourism is a massive part of the economy. condos are often rented out, zoo tickets are sold in massive amounts, and the bike path draws many tourists using the nearby "Wheel Fun rentals" surreys. every summer tourists and locals alike flock to the MR's volleyball stands on the beach, many of which are privately owned, but not capitalized on. The main road, called, "cabrillo" boulevard, or "independence avenue" by Mackans, is a famous scenic Santa Barbara drive that funnels tourists around the world directly o the MR.


In the MR, government is not a government at all, but a voluntary community organization that only exists to Protect individual liberty, and thus prevent the immoral acts listed in the constitution, Provide the basic needs for those who absolutely can’t provide for themselves, And to provide first responders in emergencies.

There exists a government volunteer police force of 4, as well as a court headed by the nation’s “president”. The nation collects tax donations to help those who cannot provide for themselves, and has a volunteer emergency response team of 3. The president is the ceremonial head of the state organization, gives orders to the local heads of the sub-organizations, and acts as a judge in courts of law (but he/she can hand over the job to a local police head. ) the president does not have the power though, to amend the constitution listing the rights of the individual in any way. The government is elected by the population informed on the nation, and serves for their lifetime, until retirement, or until unelected by vote due to suggestion of the people.

The MR also has a government hall which replaces an individual leader for such minor institutions such as the private reserve.

Important Points In History

The MR was officially founded in late February 2019 by Elijah M. The nation at the time consisted of an apartment complex, a small park, sidewalk, and a parking lot. The government consisted of regions with town “Leaders” that acted as judges in courts of law. There was a set of laws, less strict than the United States’ (advocating for more individual liberty, marriage equality, non-taxation and marijuana rights) but was more strict and less efficient than its current constitution.

Approximately a month and a half later, the micronation moved to its current location, where the constitution was made voluntary, and all government was abolished, and replaced with private judiciaries, charities, and other voluntary organizations.

The nation continued in this fashion until June 10, 2019, when the constitution was made "involuntary", to protect individualism. state basic welfare based in tax donations was formed to help those who couldn’t recieve help from private charity (although the state is a form of private charity). A police force was made, so that people would no longer pay for subscription to private police forced they couldn’t afford, (which was a rare issue as both of the MR's private judiciaries only charged for courts), and a emergency service organization was founded for the same reason.

In October 25th 2019, the nation made its first expansion of land since its move in mid march. The the leader of the voluntary army at the time, Jesus A, proposed an peaceful expansion into a region of sand East of the beachside MR border.

In early February 2020, almost a year after the Mack Republic was founded, the president formally declared that the nation suffered a large population drop. As a gulching micronation, the MR only accepts individuals living inside of it as members, and at that time 4 members had moved away, and 2 members had become inactive/no longer called themselves mackans. The president called a vote to decide wether or not outside individuals can have elected positions in the voluntary state, which has now been accepted. along with this proposition then president declared that he would reform many aspects of the voluntary state to to function more quickly and be more responsive to market movements. He also declared that there will be a strong separation between the rights of property and self ownership, and the voluntary state, making known that, “the government and the nap are separate entities. Although the government wrote the constitution that constitutes Anarcho capitalism here in the MR, the state only made it known. I will do my best to form the organization so that it can not defy property in any way”.


as The government only provides a court, there is a wide variety of ways to settle disputes if they do not require one. individuals in dispute can decide on a competing private court, choose a private mediator, have a trustworthy individual mediate, solve the dispute themselves, or any other option. there can be a free community elected mediator, as long as use of the mediator is voluntary.

The Elijah Private judiciary ®️ Was the largest in the MR, until the organization became the current government as of June 10th. The judiciary was accredited with the writing of the constitution, MR name, dividing up what was Santa Barbara city property, and producing one of the MR's largest private (now "public") currencies, The Voluntarian, which is only beaten in popularity by the US dollar.


The MR is currently not recognized as a sovereign nation by any groups, with exception to other micronations. There is currently a bill being produced to the local US city, which will grant the MR some rights as well as the title of a separate entity from The city. It is still in the works and will hopefully be approved.

Volonterian and currencies

Currency in the Mack Republic is widely diversified, as there is no forced state currency. To name a few, USD, Electroneum, Euros, Bills made by the Mack Republic voluntary community government, as well as plain goods and services are being used in the MR.

The Volonterian was the largest of the MR’s non-USD currency until electroneum was made the official currency in November 2019. They were pegged to one hundredth of an ounce of gold, until they became floating in late February 2020: The bills come in ones, tens, hundreds, 0.5s, and 0.1s.

They also until late February 2020, the bills were printed with phrases in a now defunct conlang called Mackan Esperanto such as, “ La Konsumanto Decides!“, ” Reguloj“ and Rajtoj Por Ciuj”. Meaning: The Consumer Decides!, Competition will Rule!, and Rights for All”.

In early February 2020 the Mack Republic Private reserve, in celebration of the one year anniversary, stopped producing the voluntarian and backing it with gold, and instead released three new and more elegant bills. Gold Bills, Free Bills, and labor bills. The first is backed with the same value as the old voluntarian, backed by gold. The second has a market-set floating value, and the third is based on labor by the hour.

Euros are also used in personal deals. Euros do not have a price of that in Europe, but are priced by their rarity in the MR.

Goods and services are used most extensively in the MR. usually only in the case of legal or official business transactions is a currency of some kind used.

Intermicronational Relations

The MR currently has no highly formal government Intermicronational Relations, with exception to Molossia’s and Westarctica’s acknowledgement of The MR’s existence.

The MR does though, have close relations with the Empire of Iustus, Abeldane Empire, as well as less serious, or joke nations including Kateland, and the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan

Elijah Mack, the founder does not acknowledge obsidia, or any other small, portable micronation to be a nation, or a micronation. He does though, respect the intentions and ideas behind those Micronations. Antifa related micronations and The people's republic of Ponderosa Hills are labeled as terrorist organizations.

Privatization of land and PDA’s

Streets, the islands, and the beach are all privatized to different owners. One island belongs to Elijah’s Mother, Another to another Micronational leader, the Queen Of Kateland, Jesus Of the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan ownes a section Of beach including a volleyball court. The rest of the land have been either ceremonially given, or legally given by what was the Elijah judiciary ® to Elijah’s libertarian/ Ancap friends. The City of SB’s claims often disrupt businesses like lemonade stands and such on one’s new provate property. The city of SB has also barred, through existing laws, street owners from tolling or capitalizing on parking spaces. The new bill described under the Sovereignty section hopes to give more rights to the property owners.

Population and citizenship

There is no legal citizenship or national borders in the MR, so all one has to do in order to become a mackan is to live or work in The Mack Republic. The population of the MR will soon be added.

Dudes for Free Market Anarchy (DFMA)

DFMA is a small MR based organization of seven teenage guys founded apon the MR’s founding. The organization wants to help free the people from oppressive totalitarian socialism and give true equal opportunity, room for success, and true free market competition, without government creating forced hierarchies and taking rights and money from the people. The group states that capitalism Is not the cause of poverty, but socialist government keeping the poor stuck in housing so they can’t succeed and provide for themselves. The group also states that corrupt corporations that neglect their workers can only exist when the government supports and pays off these businesses so that they don’t have to compete. The organization states that the government also protects their paid off-subsidized corporations by bribing lawyers who are defending employees.

  The group says that government regulations are hypocritical and are unnecessary in a truly free market society. People will use the free market to hold businesses to a high standard, and can take these businesses to uncorrupt private courts who are also held to a  high standard due to competition.
The group also states that the rich will have to take money out of their own pockets to better their businesses for competition, without government funding.


Stats gathered of Elijah’s friends and family (living or owning in the MR) , by the Elijah private judiciary ®. People voluntarily took part.

Secular,atheist/not yet registered: 6

Catholic: 18

Shinto, konkokyo, Shinto sect, Japanese cultural: 1

Secular humanist: 3<

Chuntariti*: 1

State chunkonkokyo: same follower as chuntariti