2022 Pennian general election

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2022 Pennian General Election

14 July 2022 2024 →
Votes counted
as of 15 July 2022
Nominee Devin Purcell Nicholas Fisher Joseph Montgomery
Party Constitutionalist Party (Penn) Populares-Conservatives Party (Penn) Independent
Home state Pennsylvania New York Ohio
Running mate Thomas Jacobs None Džözyp Trick
Popular vote 6 1 2
Percentage 66.7 11.1 22.2

The 2022 Pennian General Election was the first Presidential election of the Penn Federal Republic, two years after the founding of the nation. Incumbent candidate Devin Purcell started his first official term after winning 66% of the vote.


Devin Purcell

The incumbent candidate, Devin Purcell of the Constitutionalist Party ran on a platform of political centrism, with policies catering to both the left and the right. He was considered to be the frontrunner, being the founder of the nation, and building and implementing many of his popular policies to develop the nation.

Thomas Jacobs

Controversial veteran micronationalist, Thomas Jacobs ran on a platform of social conservatism and economic liberalization, and later dropped out to be the running mate for Devin Purcell.

Nicholas Fisher

Nicholas Fisher was the former head of state in Aenderia, Bepistan, and Auvenum. At the time of the election he served as the Minister of Public Safety led the Pennian law enforcement.

Joseph Montgomery

Independent candidate Joseph Montgomery ran as a third choice, on a platform of social conservatism. He served as the Minister of Immigration.


With only nine registered votes, the election had the lowest turnout in Pennian history. Incumbent candidate Devin Purcell secured the position with 66% of the vote.