Nicholas Fisher

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The Right Honourable
Nicholas Fisher
Fisher in Formal Attire
President of the Fifth Aenderese Republic
In office
13 June 2020 - 1 March 2021; May 2021 - Present (De Facto Leader)
Vice President Nicholas Lokin
Maximillian Von Schroeder
Predecessor Jayden Lycon
Successor Matthew Laptev
Prime Minister of Bepistan
In office
5 October 2018 - 26 January 2019
King Matthew I
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Calvin White
Prime Director of the Kingdom of Auvenum
In office
10 October 2018 - 2. December 2018; 1 January 2019 - 19 Jan 2019
Monarch Russell I
Predecessor Maximilian von Schroeder
Successor Vacant (next Nicholas Randouler)
President of the Fourth Aenderese Republic
Assumed office
1 January 2019
Predecessor Milaw Oakforrest
Successor Nicholas Randouler
Vice President of Misberia
in office
2019 - 2019
President of the Province of Misberia Otto Gillespie Birch
Predecessor unknown
Successor unknown
President of The Penn Federal Republic
In office
Incumbent, 10, July 2023
President Nicholas Fisher
Vice President N/A
Predecessor Devin Purcell
Successor Devin Purcell
Minister of Immigration (Penn Federal Republic)
In office
2 February 2022 - 30 March 2022
President Devin Purcell
Vice President Jared Racey
Predecessor Office established
Minister of Public Safety (Penn Federal Republic)
Assumed office
30 March 2022
President Devin Purcell
Vice President Kaiden "Stx" Wooten
Predecessor Joseph Montgomery
Personal information
Born July 22, 2004 (2004-07-22) (age 19)
Brooklyn, United States
Political party Aenderia Aenderia Reform Bloc (Defunct; Party Chair)
  • w:United States New York State Conservative Party 2022-Present
  • w:United States New York State Republican Party (Former Member) 2021-2022
  •  Abelden Populares(Former MR;State of Alexandi)
  • w:United States Young Americans for Freedom (Current Member)
  • Aenderia SDPA (Former Member)
  • Aenderia Centrist Party (Former Member)
  • Kingdom of Verus Republicans (Verus) (Defunct;De Jure President)
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Aenderia Fifth Aenderian Republic
 United States
Ikonia Kingdom of Ikonia
Service/branch w:United Kingdom Aenderian Coast Guard
In service 2018 - present
Rank * Commander in Chief and President

Chief of Police 2021-2021; Chief of Detectives 2019-2021

Unit 2nd Coast Guard (Reserve) Battalion, Maple Protect (2CGRB MP)
Commands General of the Auvenese Army, Admiral of the Cloverzem Navy
Battles/wars Robertson Isles Conflict
Auvenum; Aenderia

Nicholas Fisher; Nikolai "Kolya" Michaelovich Rybak; Jayden "Jay" Clover I is an American Sociologist and A Macronational Politician, serving as a member of Community Board 15 in NYC, as well as the Former Acting President of the Penn Federal Republic, and Former Speaker of the Federal Assembly, Minister of Public Safety, and Minister of Defense in the Penn Federal Republic, as well as the former President, former Vice President, and former Speaker of the House in the Aenderese Republic. He was also the former Prime Minister of Bepistan, former Prime Director of Auvenum. He is a registered member of the Conservative Party of New York State, but considers himself politically "Centrist-Conservative." Nicholas Fisher attended James Madison High School,the alma mater of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Bernie Sanders and Judge Judy and graduated in 2022.He is currently pursuing his Associate's of Arts at a local community college and plans to receive a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice at John Jay College For Criminal Justice. In 2022 Nicholas Fisher received a President’s Education Award for outstanding achievement from Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. Fisher has severed most of his ties to the Micronational community after the passing of his friend Nicholas Randouler.[1] Fisher currently serves as the Minister of Public Safety for the Penn Federal Republic. Fisher is acclaimed as one of the most controversial figures in micronation history.

Nicholas Fisher was the current President of the Aenderese Republic. He was also the Prime Director of Auvenum after the predecessor Maximilian von Schroeder stepped down and illegally seceded the 2 of the 3 isles of Auvenese Territory in Antarctica. Fisher has also created a lot of conflict in micro nationalism, sparking the simulationist war of Aenderia and Auvenum in October 2018. Fisher also successfully coup'd the Milaw Oakforrest administration in late December 2018, and he caused the republic to fall within a week. Since that time Fisher held many other positions in the micronational community, most notably within Abelden, Auvenum, Bepistan, Cloverzem, Ikonia, and Verus. Fisher also used/uses the alias Jay Clover I, his original alias in lieu of his real name. Fisher is also a member of the Ikonian Police; His Majesty’s Police. Fisher plans to make a micronational organization known as the MPBA (Micronational Police Benevolent Association) which focuses on liberties and defense of police officers as well as a working union. Fisher is a minor political advocate, and an Emergency Medical Technician in training as of 2022, his micro -nationalist stance is currently idle. As he is more focused on working and studying. Fisher plans to work on his B.A in John jay, and go for his M.B.A in Public Administration and J.D in Criminal Justice/Criminology.

Political career

While serving in Aenderia, Fisher was under suspicion for informing the Aenderian Government that Auvenum was creating "nuclear missiles," and was not proven guilty but later banned due to "racism", which was soon overruled and he regained his Aenderian citizenship. On 7 November 2018, Fisher "ordered the bombing of" Fort Clover in Kivaria, when Prince White ordered the invasion into the Kir Isles.

Fisher set his eye on candidacy for a house seat in Aenderia, and soon became a member of the Aenderian legislative branch. After two months, Fisher became Vice President of under the joint Lycon-Oakforrest administration, and was a key figure involved in the impeachment of then-incumbent president Milaw Oakforrest. Fisher accused Oakforrest with unconstitutionally passing laws, and she was declared guilty by the HOE. After Oakforrest was forced by the HOE to resign, Fisher was made President of the Aenderese Republic, but handed the nation over to Nicholas Randouler five days later after the public claimed he had "illegally changed" the republic's ideology to communism. After abdicating his position in Aenderia, Fisher fled to Misberia as a political refugee, where he received the position of Secretary of Justice, and was later promoted to Vice Presidency. Apart from his efforts in Misberia, Fisher had established the Republic of Cloverzem as a side project.

After Nicholas Fisher resigned from office of the Republic of Cloverzem, he became the Minister of Defence and Solicitor General in Aenderia, whilst a member of the Abelden Reichsversammlung, as an MR for the state of Alexandi. He left micronationalism in late October 2019. Then later came back after January 2020. Fisher became Minister of Defence once again in Aenderia, and King of Auvenum while it was under control from Somcow. Fisher was on and off active in Micronational politics but later came back after the passing of his friend Nicholas Randouler. In June 2020, the Aenderese Republic went under significant changes, President William Efton resigned, and Jayden Lycon became President, and under Lycon, Fisher was placed as Vice President of Aenderia. A short while later, Fisher became the acting President of the Republic for the second time in Aenderia's lifetime.

Expulsion from the Cupertino Alliance

Nick Fisher was the main delegate for the Cupertino Alliance for Aenderia, after replacing Chao Khang’s delegation spot on the committee. Fisher was also one of the founding members of the Cupertino Alliance as the delegation for the now-defunct Cloverzem. In April 2021 Fisher had returned from his hiatus, and he had just revived Aenderia, as membership skyrocketed and political party formation skyrocketed as well, but on top of this, Fisher had just found out he was expelled from the CA, for comments he made against James whom considered said comments “anti-semitic”. Hence lead to a judicial hearing and Fishers expulsion from the CA Committee. Fisher enlisted the help of Christina I, Sertor Valentinus, and Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed to help him fight the Cupertino Alliance’s ban. The result was Jamez stepping down as superior judge of the CA, and to this day his membership in the Cupertino Alliance has not been returned.

Penn Federal Republic

Fisher joined the Penn Federal Republic after he and Devin Purcell were both part of a Garry's Mod police roleplay server community named Sleepy Networks. In that police department, Fisher was a reserve sergeant and Purcell was at the time an active lieutenant. Fisher had been mostly inactive in the micronational community until this point, after the passing of his good friend Nicholas Randouler, however Fisher rejoined the community by becoming Minister of Immigration of the Penn Federal Republic from 2 February to 30 March 2022.

After a government reshuffle, Fisher was made Minister of Public Safety and Commissioner of the Medici Police Department, the law enforcement agency of the Pennian capital city.

In May 2022, Fisher announced his bid to run for President in the 2022 Pennian general election under the Populares-Conservatives Party.









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