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LeaderNicholas Kaos
DeputyStephen Freayth
Founded27 November 2017 (as NFP)
5 June 2019 (as Populares)
HeadquartersPleston, Alenshka
Membership  (2019)14
Political positionCentre to Centre-right
Official colors     Red
4 / 6
8 / 13
Party flag
Populares logo1.png

Populares, formally known as Populares – Abeldane People's Party, is a centre-right political party in Abelden, and one of the two oldest political parties in Abelden alongside Abeldane Social Ecology.

Its current leader is Nicholas Kaos, who was elected as leader on 27 November 2019, and the incumbent Stellvertreter. The party was originally founded as the National Federalist Party by Alejandro Whyatt on November 2017 and was renamed to Die Rechte on June 2018 after Stephen Freayth became the party's leader and was then renamed to its present name on June 2019.

The party is currently in a coalition government with Liberty Front whilst it holds the plurality of the seats in the Reichsversammlung, the legislature of the Empire. It has its own sister parties in states that allow political parties such as People's Party in Alenshka.


Whyatt's leadership

In the December 2017 federal election, the three week-old Federal Nationalist Party was able to garner eight first-preference votes giving them 17.4% of the vote. The party would gain 2 new members between the time of the RVS vote and the that of the Vortsitzender and Stellverter vote. The Vorsitzender election gave 12 1st preferential votes to leader Whyatt and 5 votes to Deputy of the party Michael Brazaue. The NFP made an election agreement with the URP and so were made the coalition government. With Whyatt being given the Foreign Ministership and Nikola Jovanovic(party chairman) being given the newly created Guilds Commission as it was the NFP’s election promise.

In the wake of the election the NFP had a defection from newly elected ANIP MP, Alex Hapsburg. This move was but a week after the election and had calls from many sides for the seat to be given to an ANIP candidates. In the end Hapsburg resigned the seat and an ANIP candidate was allowed to take the seat. At the same time the Emeror took away ANIP’s extra seat. Shortly after, Michael Brazaue was suspended from the party with his role as deputy being given to Hapsburg. Not long after this, Michael public ally attacked the party and Whyatt(calling him a peadophile) and gave up his membership.

In the April 2018 federal election, the NFP lead the polls for many weeks garnering between 30% and 40% of the vote regularly. The party doubled its votes from 8 to 16 which represented a 15.9% increase on the Decmber election results. The April election showed the NFP to be the only party to increase on its vote share. The NFP gained the highest share of the vote of any single un-merged party in the history of RVS elections at 33.3% of the vote. It also represents the largest vote-share for any right of centre party and is the only Right of centre party in Abelden.

Freayth's leadership

Following the inactivity in government under Whyatt's term as Vorsitzender, Stephen Freayth joined the party and was elected as Leader. He reformed the party and renamed the party to Die Rechte, which stands for The Right in German, and changed the party colour from yellow to dark red. A snap election was held on June 2018 which saw Freayth and Max Pollack, running for Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter respectively, elected in a landslide and the party gaining 10 out of 18 seats in the Reichsversammlung, the first party to achieve an absolute majority in the house.

Kaos' leadership


Electoral results


Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2017 V Alejandro Whyatt 12 21.82% 3rd Not elected
2018 I Alejandro Whyatt 25 52.8% 1st Elected
2018 II Stephen Freayth 25 91.3% 1st Elected
2018 III Stephen Freayth 31 81.6% 1st Elected
2018 IV Thomas Merrell 18 47.4% 2nd Not elected
2019 I Nicholas Randouler 14 48.28% 2nd Not elected
2019 II Nicholas Randouler 7 29.17% 2nd Not elected


Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2017 V Michael Brazeau 5 10.87% 3rd Not elected
2018 I N/A
2018 II Max Pollack 25 100% 1st Elected
2018 III Max Pollack 17 44.7% 2nd Not elected
2018 IV Nicholas Kaos 35 92.1% 1st Elected
2019 I Charlotte Katrinsdottir 19 65.52% 1st Elected
2019 II Nicholas Kaos 14 58.33% 1st Elected


Election year Votes % Seats ± Rank Government
2017 V 8 17.4%
3 / 17
1 4th Coalition
2018 I 16 33.3%
5 / 18
2 2nd Coalition
2018 II N/A N/A
10 / 18
5 1st Majority
2018 III 28 70.0%
7 / 11
3 1st Coalition
2018 IV 17 62.1%
8 / 12
1 1st Coalition
2019 I 19 47.5%
6 / 12
2 1st Coalition