Rhinoceros Party of Abelden

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Rhinoceros Party of Abelden
Leader Horatio Eden
Founded 7 August 2017
Membership  (2017) 3
Ideology Pragmatism
Official colors                Blue, white, green (tricolour)
     Black (customary)
Cabinet positions
0 / 8
Seats in the Reichsversammlung
3 / 17
Party flag
Abelden Rhino.png

The Rhinoceros Party of Abelden (RPA) is a political party based in the Abeldane Empire. It was founded on 7 August 2017 by Max Pollack, who based it on the Rhinoceros Party of Jupiter. Though originally it was widely seen as a satire party, it eventually became a serious force in Abeldane politics, defining itself as a pragmatist party.

Its current leader is Horatio Eden, a former IPA member.[1] Eden is the current leader of the official opposition in the 7th Reichsversammlung, and the RPA is part of the official opposition to the Langford government, alongside the Federalist Party. So far, the RPA has only participated in one election, in August 2017.[2]

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 IV Horatio Eden   19 32.76%


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 IV James R. Frisch[N 1]   21 36.84%


Election year 1st pref votes % seats won +/- Government Ref.
2017 IV 7 12.28%
2 / 17
in opposition [3]


  1. The Rhinoceros Party endorsed the Federalist James R. Frisch's candidacy for Stellvertreter in the August 2017 elections.


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