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LSydunche logo.png
Abeldane Times News.png
Current homepage, August 2017
Type Newspaper
Format Online blog
Publisher Wordpress
Editor Stephen I & II, Chief Editor
Artemis Langford, Assistant Editor
Founded 6 June 2014
Political alignment Neutral
Language English
Headquarters Pleston
Circulation 4 avg. views per day
Official website lsydunche.wordpress.com

L'Sydunche, formerly known as the Abeldane Times, is a national online newspaper in Abelden and the official gazette of the Imperial Government. It was founded by Emperor Stephen I & II on 6 June 2014 and remains the only national newspaper in the Empire.


L'Sydunche was founded on 6 June 2014, the same day when Abelden was established, by Emperor Stephen. A website was made a few months later on January 2015. Prior to that, all means of information to the public were done through the Facebook page of Abelden. It is currently owned by Emperor Stephen, but serves as the official gazette of the Empire.

L'Sydunche was originally known as The Abeldane Times from its foundation until 2017 when the Abeldanisation of all organisations and companies in Abelden were implemented. The name L'Sydunche means newspaper in the Abeldane language. It has seen several changes within its website and the present website was created to reflect the new changes.

The FLAMN Newspaper works closely with L'Sydunche and the director, David Ross, is also an editor in L'Sydunche.


Currently, L'Sydunche is composed of 3 full time members. The full time members are:

History of websites