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Counter clockwise, from top left: Federal indictment issued for Hasan Çakar on 13 June 2019; Alejandro Whyatt, the leader of the Behemoth Party and figurehead of the scandal, Behemoth Party election poster for the June 2019 federal elections.
Date: 12 – 13 June 2019
Hasan Çakar from the Behemoth Party is convicted of espionage againist Liberty Front
Vorsitzender Edward Daniels issues Federal indictments againist five members of the Behemoth Party who colluded in espionage
Emperor Newton declare the conivcted members incapable of holding office in the Reichsversammlung
Emperor Newton
Empress Sian
Stephen Freayth
Edward Daniels
Alejandro Whyatt
Shiro Mephistopheles
Cianan Clough
Ned Gunderson
Hasan Çakar

Behemothgate is the name given to a period in Abeldane history in which five members of the Behemoth Party were convicted of espionage againist Liberty Front. The scandal developed during the June 2019 federal elections, where all seats in the Reichsversammlung were contested in the election. The Behemoth Party consistantly used harsh tactics during their campaigning as to gain populiarty in the election. Various tactics included attacking Liberty Front with propaganda, critizing incumbent Vorsitzender Edward Daniels and the Government, and targeting indivudals who oppsed their strategies, most notably, the Monarchy and other figures in the the Abeldane government.

The scandal came to a head when evidence arose of Hasan Çakar, a member of Liberty Front, was secretly a spy for the Behemoth Party. Other evidence shows that five members of the Behemoth Party were aware of such espionage and agreed to keep the plan a secret. Edward Daniels issued five Federal indictment notices to individuals involved in espionage including Alejandro Whyatt, Leader of the Behemoth Party; Shiro Mephistopheles, purported as Deputy Leader of the Behemoth Party; Cianan Clough, Ned Gunderson, and Hasan Çakar.

Emperor Newton declared all five convicted individuals incapable of holding office in the Reichsversammlung for their involvement in espionage. To date, the convicted members were relieved of their punishments by the Emperor's decree. In the aftermath of the scandal, Whyatt and Mephistopheles have since left the Abeldane Empire as a result of their tarnished reputations and their continued contempt against the Daniels government and Monarchy.

Behemothgate remains one of the most infamous scandals in Abeldane's history for the demeanor of the individuals involved and its negative impacts on the community.


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Following constitutional reform in 2018, the Reichsversammlung's term limits were extended from four months to six. There would also be a separation in executive elections and legislative elections following the December 2018 federal elections. The June 2019 federal election was the first legislative election following the Constitution of 2018.

The Behemoth Party originated during the campaigning period of the June 2019 federal election. The party was initially founded as the Abeldane Liberal-National Alliance and Pragmatic Front, a merger of the Abeldane National Independence Party, the United Rhinoceros Party, and the Abeldane Liberal Alliance. In May 2019, the Behemoth Party broke away from the ALNA under the leadership of Alejandro Whyatt.



On June 12, Emperor Newton informed Edward Daniels of Behemoth espionage in Liberty Front. Hasan Çakar initially joined Liberty Front on June 3. While originally not affiliated to the Behemoth Party and actually opposed to them, over the coming days in private discussions Çakar was persuaded by Ned Gunderson to work as a Behemoth agent and give information about the Liberty Front and especially allegations regarding co-operation with Die Rechte against Behemoth.