Monarchy of Alexander

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Grand Duke of Alexander
Coat of arms of Alexander.png
Coat of arms of Alexander

Style His Majesty
First monarch Michael
Formation 30 June 2016

The Monarchy of Alexander is the institution that compromises the Monarch of the Grand Duchy of Alexander and the entire Grand Ducal Family. The constitutional title that the monarchs holds - Grand Duke for males and Grand Duchess for females. The position of monarch of Alexander is vacant since the death of Nicholas on 3 June 2020.

The role of the monarchy in the state has greatly expanded and the Grand Duke has the power to enact decrees that serves as the main source of legislation for the state. He is advised by the State Council, the legislature of Alexander, and by the First Minister, who serves as he head of government of Alexander.

Powers and duties

The monarch has:

  • The power to appoint government officials
  • The power to vest/appoint titles of nobility
  • The power to hold the title His Royal Highness
  • The power to declare general elections
  • The power to veto government decisions
  • The power to enact decrees

The monarch has more duties than this; listed here are important powers and duties of a monarch. As a federal monarch, the Monarch has also restrictions on legislating laws or enacting decrees that contradicts federal laws or decrees enacted by the Emperor.

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Image
Michael 9 January 2002 30 June 2016 19 September 2017 1 year, 81 days Grand Duke
Max 9 January 2002 19 September 2017 9 March 2020 2 years, 172 days Replaced by the Emperor Pollack
Current flag.png
Nicholas 15 December 2004 - 3 June 2020 9 March 2020 3 June 2020 86 days Appointed
Vacant N/A 3 June 2020 30 days N/A N/A


The ruling house is currently vacant and therefore, has no line of succession.


The Monarch is addressed as His Royal Highness and he or she is informally called as the Grand Duke or Your Royal Highness. The female equivalent would be Grand Duchess and the family of the Monarch is called the Grand Ducal Family.

Below is the full title of the Monarchs of Alexander:

His Royal Highness
Grand Duke of Alexander