Abelden-Lomellina relations

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The Abelden and Lomellina relations signifies all treaties and alliances, except diplomatic relations, as Abelden does not accept diplomatic relations only mutual recognition and alliance, between the Abeldane Empire and the Principality of Lomellina. Alliance between Abelden and Lomellina started on the 27 August 2014.

Country comparison

Abeldane Empire Principality of Lomellina
Population 11 17
Area 14,874 km2 '~2683.741 km² (1036.2 mi²)
Population density
Capital Plesto coope (UAE), Carsville (USA) Castello di Valle
Largest city Plesto coope Scandia Colles
Government Constitutional and Absolute Monarchy, Unitary Parliamentary Absolute Monarchy, Principality
First Leader Stephen of Abelden Ansaldo I da Lomellini
Current Leader Stephen of Abelden D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer
Official languages English, German, and French Italian (de jure) Portugese (de facto)
Official religions None Deism
Ethnic groups
GDP (nominal)
Military expenditures None No expenditures


The Abeldane Empire and the Principality of Lomellina signed a treaty on the 27 August 2014.

Section 1

The Abeldane Empire and the Principality of Lomellina declare a mutual recognition to each other.

— Section 1 of the Imperial Treaty

Section 1 is the most important among the sections because this symbolizes the recognition of the two nations.

Section 2

Both nations shall be ready to help each other in any danger.

— Section 2 of the Imperial Treaty

Should one nation be attacked, the other nation will be ready for help and guidance from that nation in any time of danger. This part is regarded called the alliance section.

Section 3

The Abeldane Empire and the Principality of Lomellina shall not create any diplomatic relations, only mutual recognition and an alliance as the Abeldane constitution prohibits any nation on creating diplomatic relations to protect itself from dangers.

— Section 3 of the Imperial Treaty

This section prohibits the Principality of Lomellina on creating diplomatic relations as the Parliament of the Abeldane Empire prohibits any nation on creating diplomatic relations, but possible only if the monarch and the parliament agrees to declare relations.

Section 4

This treaty shall expire every two years; 27 August 2016.

— Section 4 of the Imperial Treaty

The treaty is renewed every two years and every year, the Parliament of Abelden ask the citizens to whether on continuing the treaty or not.

Section 5

This treaty shall be signed both by the two nations.

— Section 5 of the Imperial treaty

The treaty shall be signed by the two heads of state.