Flag of Abelden

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Flag of Abelden
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Flag of Abelden
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 6 June 2014
Design Three diagonal lines slanting right
Designed by Rachel I of Abelden

The flag of Abelden (German: Flagge Abeldanishes, French: Drapeau d'Abelden) is a national ensign officially adopted on 6 June 2014. It is formed by two bends with a simple and attractive color. The blue represents peace, white for neutrality and green for land.

The constitution provides an exact colours and dimensions for the flag. The flag is used as the national flag of Abelden and by the members of the Abeldane Commonwealth alongside their national flag.


Scheme Royal Blue White Dark Green
RGB 0-0-108 255-255-255 1-66-0
Hex #00006C #FFFFFF #014200

Rules and use


The flag must be only lowered on half-mast when the Monarch ordered a mourning, exception for Axel Nielson Day since the flags are automatically lowered in half-mast. The flags are supposed to be tied with a black ribbon when the flagpole is not big enough for it to be lowered on half-mast. The flags are lowered in half-mast with a tied black ribbon around the flag.

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