Grand Duchy of Dolangrad

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Grand Duchy of Dolangrad
Dolangrad flag.png
Coat of arms of Dolangrad.png
Coat of Arms

Der Königgrätzer Marsch
National and Imperial Anthem
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Florida, United States
Capital cityDolonia
Largest cityDolonia
Official language(s)English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- MonarchIsaac I
- Type - unicameral
Area claimed0.6km²
Time zoneUTC+04:00 - (UAE) UTC-07:00 and 06:00 - (USA)
This is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire.

The Grand Duchy of Dolangrad, simply known as Dolangrad and formerly known as the Kingdom of Dolangrad, is a federal state of the Abeldane Empire. It became a federal state after a referendum was held in favour of annexing the Kingdom of Dolangrad and the other states, and therefore became the Grand Duchy of Dolangrad after annexation and Isaac I became the first Grand Duke, succeeding Stephen I & II as King of Dolangrad.

Dolangrad was created as a kingdom by King Donald I of Dolangrad and Emperor Stephen became the first Prime Minister of Dolangrad. Inactivity arose and Stephen decided to declare himself King and made Donald as his Prime Minister.