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Coat of Arms of the Renadi
Agency overview
Formed11 August 2016 (as AIA)
2 May 2020 (as Renadi)
Dissolved8 August 2020
TypeIntelligence agency
HeadquartersPleston, Alenshka
Agency executive

The Reichsnachrichtendienst (English: Imperial Intelligence Service), also known as the Renadi or RND, and previously known as the Abeldane Intelligence Agency was the intelligence agency of the Abeldane Empire, collecting and analysing information on both foreign and domestic threats to national security.


The Reichsnachrichtendienst was founded on 11 August 2016 as the Abeldane Intelligence Agency by Ava Neasa, Countess of New Douala, who was appointed by the Reichsversammlung after the passing of the Intelligence Act, and was then given the title of Director of the Agency and given complete authority over the AIA along with supervision from the Reichsregierungskabinett.

The AIA would see a number of new directors and operations before the name of the agency was changed to Reichsnachrichtendienst in May 2020, following the enactment of the Intelligence Reform Act by the Reichsversammlung

The RND routinely ran operations in the interests of the national security of the Empire. According to Abeldane law, the RND was required to give out information under the "Freedom of Information", unless it pertains to vital national security reasons. During its existence, two freedom of information requests were made, which resulted in a major lawsuit against the agency.

In the aftermath of the Concordiagate scandal, it was revealed how the Renadi had operated secretly under the direction of Stephen Freayth for most of its history, and had partaken in manipulating Abeldane democracy. It was even revealed that during 2017-2018 the agency had in effect been operating as a secret shadow government.

The agency was dissolved by a unanimous act of the Reichsversammlung on 8 August 2020.


# Photograph Name Term began Term ended State Notes
1. Ava Neasa 11 August 2016 23 December 2017 St. Castle Appointed the first head of the AIA. Oversaw many operations vital to the national security of Abelden, though unconfirmed to the public concerning the status or goal of which[citation needed]. Created several departments and sub-agencies within the AIA.
2. Alex White 23 December 2017 2 February 2018 Rai Appointed by the administration of Vorsitzender-elect Shiro following his victory in the Abeldane federal election of December, 2017.
3. Alejandro Whyatt 2 February 2018 N/A Satirno
4. Alex White N/A 9 March 2020 Rai
5. Connor Stumperth 9 March 2020 8 August 2020 Tusmore Appointed by the Emperor Newton. Oversaw transformation into Reichsnachrichtendienst. Last Director.