Monarchy of Demirelia

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King of Demirelia
CoA of Demirelia.svg
Coat of arms of Demirelia
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
Patrick I
since 30 June 2016

Style His Most Eminent Majesty
Heir apparent Crown Prince Nicholas, the Prince of Volkania
First monarch Stephen and Patrick I
Formation 15 December 2015 (as Empire)
Residence Rosenkrantz Palace

The Monarchy of Demirelia is the institution that compromises the Monarch of the Kingdom of Demirelia and the entire Royal Family. The constitutional title that the monarchs holds - King for males and Queen for females. The current monarch of Demirelia is Patrick I since 30 June 2016.

Demirelia was established in October 2015 as a federal republic. The republic however would be dissolved in December that year and the state transformed into an empire. Following the federalisation of Abelden, where Demirelia joined as a federal state on 30 June, it has been a kingdom and has therefore since become one of the 6 federal monarchies.

Powers and duties

The monarch has:

  • The power to appoint government officials
  • The power to vest/appoint titles of nobility
  • The power to hold the title His Most Eminent Majesty
  • The power to call and dissolve the Landsting
  • The power to declare general elections
  • The power to veto government decisions
  • The power to enact decrees

The monarch has more duties than this; listed here are important powers and duties of a monarch. As a federal monarch, the Monarch has also restrictions on legislating laws or enacting decrees that contradicts federal laws or decrees enacted by the Emperor.

List of Monarchs

No. Name
Full name
Portrait Reign House Notes Title
Reign start Reign end Reign duration
1 Stephen
Stephen Freayth
born 1998
15 December
30 June
198 days Freayth Co-Emperor.
Emperor of Demirelia
2 Patrick I
Patrick Renwick
born 2002
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
15 December
Present 2345 days Renwick Co-Emperor.
Sole monarch from 30 June 2016.
Emperor of Demirelia
until 30 June 2016
King of Demirelia
from 30 June 2016


The House of Renwick is the ruling house of Demirelia operating under a system of absolute primogeniture. Previously, no formal succession was agreed during the Empire until Demirelia joined Abelden when the House of Renwick became the de facto ruling house. The heir to the Demirelian throne bears the titles Crown Prince and Prince of Volkania. The current line of succession was established by the Constitutional Charter of 2019, whereby the line of Demirelian inheritance was decided to begin with the King’s maternal grandmother, Lady Åse Næsheim.


The Monarch is formally addressed as His Most Eminent Majesty, with the spoken form being 'Your Majesty'. Informally the Monarch is often simply referred to as 'The King'. The Monarch is informally addressed as either 'Sire' or 'Your Grace'.

Below is the full title of the Monarch per the Constitutional Charter of 2019:

His Most Eminent Majesty
by Anointed Power and Grace,
King of Demirelia and all her Lands and Territories,
Sovereign Lord and Defender of the People,
Duke of Renwick,
Lord of All the North

Several other tiles include:

Sovereign and Grand Master of the Royal Order of St. Swithun, Sovereign and Grand Master of the Order of Demirelia, Sovereign and Grand Master of the Illustrious Order of the Mountain