Monarchy of Morgannwg

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King of Morgannwg
Coat of arms of Amon Lasgalen.png
Coat of arms of Morgannwg
Llewelyn Games Workshop.jpg
since 7 April 2014

Style His Most August Majesty
First monarch Llewelyn
Formation June 2012

The Monarchy of Morgannwg is the institution that compromises the Monarch of the Kingdom of Morgannwg, previously known as Amon Lasgalen, and the entire Royal Family. The constitutional title that the monarchs holds - King for males and Queen for females. The current monarch of Morgannwg is Llewelyn since 7 April 2014.

The Monarchy was established on June 2012 as a state of Kozlova then joined Sorrenia and then Mercia which on 2016 left and joined the Abeldane Empire as one of the original federal states on 30 June 2016 and has therefore since become one of the 14 federal monarchies.

Powers and duties

The monarch has:

  • The power to appoint government officials
  • The power to vest/appoint titles of nobility
  • The power to hold the title His Most August Majesty
  • The power to declare general elections
  • The power to veto government decisions
  • The power to enact decrees

The monarch has more duties than this; listed here are important powers and duties of a monarch. As a federal monarch, the Monarch has also restrictions on legislating laws or enacting decrees that contradicts federal laws or decrees enacted by the Emperor.

List of Monarchs

Name Lifespan Reign start Reign end Total reign Notes House Image
Llewelyn 19 November 1998 June 2012 2 February 2014 246 days King
Llewelyn Games Workshop.jpg
Miles Fordham None 2 February 2014 7 April 2014 64 days Regent None
Coat of arms of Amon Lasgalen.png
Llewelyn 19 November 1998 7 April 2014 &100000000000000050000005 years, {{Number table sorting/Expression error: Unexpected < operator. 1=Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
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King of Amon Lasgalen
King of Morgannwg from 2 June 2016
Llewelyn Games Workshop.jpg

Llewelyn became King on June 2012 and following Amon Lasgalen's annexation to Sorrenia, on 2 February 2014 Llewelyn abdicated and since no heirs were found, a regent was instead appointed by Miles of Sorrenia. Llewelyn then became King again on 7 April 2014 and was crowned on 24 May 2014.


Below is the full title used by the King of Morgannwg:

His Most August Majesty
King of Morgannwg,
Duke of Creton,
Lord of the Lizard and Protector of the Two Ruans,
King of the Brythons,
and Protector of Christendom;
Sovereign of the Order of Saint Cuthbert