Miles of Sorrenia

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The Right Honourable
Miles of Sorrenia
The Sorrenian Flag
Personal information
Born 24 November 1998 (1998-11-24) (age 25)
Citizenship Sorrenian, British, Hortanian
Nationality British
Ethnicity Celtic
Political party Sorrenian Workers Party
Residence New Havana in Bowburn
Occupation Student
Military service
Allegiance Sorrenian Federation
In service 2013-Incumbent
Rank Corporal
Unit Sorrenian Recon Force
Miles' political compass

The Right Honourable, Miles of Sorrenia was a political micronationalist and one of the founders of the Sorrenian Federation - he was currently the President of Sorrenia.


Miles as a name means various things in each culture, such as servant, merciful, soldier, destroyer and gift from God.

Offices Currently Held

Name Nation Flag Assumed Predecessor Other Information
President of the Sorrenian Federation 13 February 2015 Andrew Janiszewski Won the election with 55% of the popular vote
Member of the Hortanian Parliament 1 March 2016 Office Established First Communist Party member to be elected

President of the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova

On 6 June 2012, Miles of Sorrenia and his friends formed the Democratic People's Republic of Kozlova, and was elected the 1st President of Kozlova. He held this position until late January 2013, at which point Kozlova began to become unstable, due to lack of support. Kozlova was Miles' first Micronation, and the Presidency was his first prominent role in Micronationalism. He stated that:

While Kozlova was fun, and allowed myself and others to engage in the micronational world, it had problems from the beginning. I learnt a lot from my experiences with Kozlova, which allowed me to create the more successful Sorrenian Federation.

Miles and the other founders of Kozlova went on to the form the Sorrenian Federation. Miles officially declared Kozlova "No longer existent" on 8 February 2013. He also gave up The Presidency on this date.

President of the Sorrenian Federation

After the failure of Kozlova, Miles formed the Sorrenian Federation, and narrowly won the elections for presidency, winning just over 50% of the votes. Miles was confident that the Sorrenian Federation would last, and instituted several policies to ensure it's survival. He also increased the citizen count, allowing people such as Emanuel Terranova to join Sorrenia, who would go on to help lead the Sorrenian Federation. Leading the Socialist Party, Miles of Sorrenia instituted numerous socialist policies, to strengthen the country and it's people. On 25 January 2014, Miles won a second term in office, winning roughly 75% of the votes.

In total, Miles had three terms, winning landslide victories on the last two accounts. After his third victory however, he resigned as President due to exams, and passed the responsibility onto Andrew Janiszewski, the current President of Sorrenia. Miles however remained active in Sorrenian politics as the Governor of Bowburn.

After his term as Governor of Bowburn, Miles stated that he would not run for the position again, and as planned, would contend Andrew Janiszewski for the Presidency. After almost a month of planning and debates, he won the election with 55% of the vote - Janiszewski was the closest contender, winning 31%.