President of the Sorrenian Federation

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President of the Sorrenian Federation
Elizabeth Lewis

since 31/10/15
AppointerPopular Vote
Term length6 Months

The President of Sorrenia is the Head of State of the Sorrenian Federation. The President heads the National Assembly, and is granted power to make decisions on behalf of Sorrenia.

The Presidency was declared as the Head of State almost immediately after the creation of Sorrenia. After small elections were held between the people, it was decided that Miles of Sorrenia should be the President, winning the election 3:1.

Under Miles of Sorrenia, large advancements were made, such as the large scale growth of Sorrenia, the introduction of various laws such as the Marijuana Legalization Bill and the Proportional Representation Bill. While his various terms did cause problems - particularly with the right wing in Sorrenia - he was deemed a popular leader, winning his elections with a landslide victory on all accounts.

On the 7th of November, 2014, Andrew Janiszewski replaced Miles of Sorrenia as the President, as Miles felt that he was no longer able to lead Sorrenia due to the increased pressure of GCSE's. Janiszewski's term was also marked by large-scale progress, in which Sorrenia continued to grow, and began to focus its effort on cultural growth. In the February 2015 elections, both Janiszewski and Miles of Sorrenia ran for election (as well as right wing candidate Jason Hale and Commonwealth candidate Richard Hytholoday). Miles won outright with 55% - it is expected however, that had he failed to win a majority, Janiszewski could have won, as using the Alternative Vote system, it is likely he would have won the majority of the right wing votes. Although Miles replaced Janiszewski as President, Janiszewski remains a prominent politician in Sorrenia.

List of Presidents

President Took office Left office Party Party Flag
1 Miles of Sorrenia Elected 09/10/13 Reelected Socialist Party
2 Miles of Sorrenia Elected 26/04/14 Reelected Sorrenian Workers Party
3 Miles of Sorrenia Elected 26/04/14 Resigned 07/11/14 Sorrenian Workers Party
4 Andrew Janiszewski Appointed 07/11/14 Defeated 15/02/15 New Democratic-Liberty Party
5 Miles of Sorrenia Elected 15/02/15 24/08/15 Sorrenian Workers Party
6 Rilgar Ompastre Elected 24/08/15 05/10/15 Sorrenian Workers Party
6 Rilgar Ompastre Changed parties 05/10/15 31/10/15 National Unity Party of Sorrenia
7 (acting) Elizabeth Lewis Appointed 31/10/15 Incumbent Council of Conservatives