Sorrenian Workers Party

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Sorrenian Workers Party

| leader = Rilgar Ompastre | Chairman = | chairperson = | Secretary = Miles of Sorrenia | leader1_name = | leader2_name = | leader3_name = | foundation = 16/06/14 | dissolution = | headquarters = | predecessor = Socialist Party | newspaper = 'People's Pravda' | youth_wing = | membership_year = | membership = | ideology =  • Socialism
 • Civic Nationalism
 • Pan-Celticism
 • Militarism
 • Leftist Big Tent
 • Environmentalism
Internal factions:
 • Democratic Marxism
 • Marxism-Leninism
 • Council Communism
 • Liberalism
 • Libertarianism | national = People's Coalition | international = Party of the International Left | europarl = | colours = Red | website = People's Pravda
Party of the International Left | footnotes = |seats1_title = National Assembly

|seats1 =

8 / 15

|seats2_title = Executive Assembly

|seats2 =

4 / 9

|seats3_title = Country |seats3 = Sorrenia }}

The Unified Sorrenian Workers Party, often referred to as the "Workers Party" or abbreviated to the USWP is a left-wing party in Sorrenia. It combines many different political, social and economic theories, the most dominant of which is Marxism, often referred to as Communism. It is one of the four federal political parties in the Sorrenian Federation, holding eight out of fifteen seats in the National Assembly; the most for any one party. Along with the Communist Party and the New Democratic-Liberty Party, the party lead the government in what was referred to as the "People's Coalition".

After a vote by the Congress of the Communist Party, the two parties unified, leading to the USWP holding a majority by itself in government. The merger was well received by both USWP and CPSF members, however Harry of Sorrenia, previously the Chairman of the CPSF chose to leave to join the NDLP.

Internally, the USWP is split into two camps - the radicals who espouse views such as Marxism, Council Communism and Leninism, and the Socialists who espouse Democratic Marxism, Market Socialism and elements of Liberalism. Both sects hold a similar amount of power, with the radicals holding 3 of the seats in the Politburo (party policy maker). Likewise, the Socialists also hold 3 of the seats.


People's Nationalist Party

The very first incarnation of the SWP was known as the People's Nationalist Party, a party combining Socialism and what it referred to as 'Sorrenian Nationalism'. The Socialist Party (dominant party at the time) continued to drift towards Democratic Socialism, therefore the more radical elements of the Socialist Party began to cause dissent, which was further increased due to the stagnation of internal affairs in the party. Therefore, on the 16th of June, 2014, Miles of Sorrenia , the Chairman of the Socialist Party officially stated his resignation as Chairman of the Socialist Party, stating that he wished to create a more radical movement, that also incorporated Micronational nationalism, believing that in order to gain independence, Sorrenians must show a love for their nation. The PNP began to grow, with members such as Matthew Of Sorrenia and Josh Singh joining within a few days; The PNP however only lasted a matter of days. After an internal meeting decided that Nationalism was too radical, the party transformed into the 'Patriotic Socialist Party'.

Patriotic Socialist Party

The official PSP Logo/Emblem

On the 12th of July therefore, the Chairman made the decision to change the PNP to the "Patriotic Socialist Party" releasing the new platform. He also aimed for the party to include multiple ideologies. The previous party had been limited by its strong support for Marxism-Leninism, therefore the Chairman encouraged the joining of non Marxists-Leninists, in the belief that both the moderate and radical left could work together in the PSP. The idea seemed to work, with many people of varying political beliefs chose to join.

Sorrenian Workers Party

The PSP lasted for some time, however primary elements of the party began to hint that they were not happy with the current incarnation of left wing radicalism in the party. Members, such as Miles of Sorrenia and Matthew Bollands believed that the party had "strayed away" from its core belief of Marxism; therefore, on the 20th of September, 2014, the Chairman declared the official party change, adopting a new political platform:

Labour Focus
Sorrenian Patriotism
Sorrenian Defensive Militarism
Party Solidarity

The act was seen as a return to Marxism and Labour focus, however some more liberal elements were worried that the party was becoming inaccessible to them. the Chairman, with the support of various members of the party assured the liberal sections that the party would accept the democratic method in Sorrenia, and would make no attempt at a physical revolution or Coup.

Congressional Meeting

On the 23rd of December, the Workers Party held their first Congressional meeting. The Party had held numerous smaller meetings, often held in the Executive Assembly in the capital of Levaria, however such a large meeting was never held.

In the meeting, the newly formed Politburo was able to decide much of the necessary party policy. From the new Political Platform to the structure of the party, much was discussed, which was later made public in the official party newspaper; the People's Pravda.

Views on other parties

 • Communist Party: The SWP has a very close relationship with the Communist Party. Since the early days of Sorrenia, the two Communist factions have strongly supported one another, and continue to do so.

 • Freedom and Democracy Party: The Right wing PFD is often seen as the SWP's main adversary. As the largest opposition party in Sorrenia, it has allowed prominent politicians such as Eren Lewis to voice their opinions. So far however, the PFD has not been able to defeat the SWP or the People's Coalition in the various elections.

 • New Democratic Party: Although both the SWP and NDP engage in the People's Coalition, they disagree on many issues. Attempts by the SWP to improve relations with the Social Democrats were initially fruitless, however after 'using the stick', the SWP was able to convince the NDP to work closely with one another.

 • Sorrenian Commonwealth Party: Although socially they differ immensely, the SWP holds the SCP in high esteem, despite it being part of the Opposition. The SWP also recognizes that the party plays an important role in protecting monarchies in Sorrenia.


Miles of Sorrenia - President, Chairman of the Unified Sorrenian Workers Party, Minister of Communications
Matthew Of Sorrenia - Governor of Filostonia, Secretary of the Unified Sorrenian Workers Party
Rilgar Ompastre - Governor of Dradelia, Minister of Art and Design
Emanuel Terranova - Governor of Erem, Minister of Immigration
Jonathan Bunch - Governor of Bowburn
Martti Järvenpää - Territorial Governor
Dominic Fordham - Prince of Doppeland
Alec Yu - Minister of the Economy
Dominik Slowikowski
Sören Pressfell
Cody Sechler
Shady Hosam Morsi
Adrian McAlinden Vikki
Raven Karns