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Andrew Janiszewski microwiki page

Andrew "Alexei" Piotr Janiszewski
Andrew Piotr Janiszewski, Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Zirconic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Abeldane Empire Chairperson of the Party of the International Left

First Zastupnik of the Republic of Zirconic
In Office November 1st, 2009-present
Predecessor Office Established
Chairperson of the Canadian Confederation, Zirconic
In Office April 2015-Present
Predecessor Position Established
President of Sorrenia
Term 2014-February 2015
Predecessor Miles of Sorrenia
Prime Minister of Sorrenia
Term February 2015-Present
Predecessor Matthew Bollands
Chairperson of the Party of the International Left
Term 2014-Present
Predecessor Office Established
Prime Minister of Hortania
Term 2014-February 2015
Predecessor Jason Hale
President of Sorrenia
Born 24 July 1998 (1998-07-24) (age 21)
Religion United Church of Canada

Andrew Piotr Janiszewski, also called Alexei Piotr Janiszewski or Andrew Janewski, is a Sorrenian, Zirconian, and Abeldanian politician living in the Zirconian capital of Main State. He is First Zastupnik of the Republic of Zirconic, Governor of Main State, Zirconic, Supreme Judge of Sorrenia and the Third Judge in the International Micronational Court of Justice. He is an influential politicial in Sorrenia, Zirconic and Abeldane, although he is most powerful in Zirconic, as he founded that nation.


In November 2009, Janiszewski founded the Republic of Zirconic, entering into micronationalism. Over the years, he has made contact with many micronationalists.

Personal life

Janiszewski is a strongly political individual and spends a lot of time thinking about how to make the world a better place. He embraces his Slavic culture and likes to listen to a variety of music.

Micronational citizenship

Janiszewski holds citizenship in the Republic of Zirconic, the Sorrenian Federation, the Republic of Hortania, and the Abeldane Empire.


Janiszewski is a relatively left-wing person, for a long time describing himself as a "democratic socialist" although eventually finding a more comfortable home in social democracy. He is the leader of the New Democratic Parties of Abeldane, Sorrenia and Zirconic, even achieving political hegemony in Zirconic with the NDP there holding 14/23 seats in the Council there. He is also the chairperson of the micronational Social Democrats International.