Emanuel Terranova

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Emanuel Terranova
Prime Minister of the Sorrenian Federation
Assumed office
Predecessor Lewis Wild
Deputy in the Lostislandic Grand National Assembly
Assumed office
Predecessor Unknown
Governor of The Republic of Erem
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Vice President of the Republic of Gran Pais
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 06/04/1998
Birth name Emanuel Fransson Terranova
Citizenship Sorrenian, Lostislandic, Norwegian, Italian
Nationality Norwegian, Italian
Political party Sorrenian Workers Party
Residence Ezia in The Republic of Erem

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The Right Honourable Emanuel Terranova is a political Micronationalist, currently governing the Province of Erem in the Sorrenian Federation, as well as being the leader of the Anti-Capitalist Left Front in Lostisland.